Don’t Blame Reigns

The 2015 Royal Rumble was an absolute spectacle of epic proportions.  Aside from the sensational WWE Championship match, which was one of the best matches from WWE in years, the show was a spectacle for all the wrong reasons.  It was fascinating, uncomfortable and saddening all at once to watch a company get it all so wrong. Seeing the backlash from fans who are out there telling WWE that they don’t want to see what they are being fed.  Sadly, most of the backlash has wrongly fell on the shoulders of Roman Reigns who has been put into a position that is almost impossible to get out of and its all due to Vince McMahon’s stubbornness as well as his so being so out of touch that it isn’t funny anymore.


Wouldn’t you think WWE would have learnt from one of the biggest mistakes they ever made at last years Royal Rumble? Apparently not, because they decided to recreate the magic this year in front of a Philly crowd that are tough at the best of times.  Last year, Vince McMahon’s short sightedness led to him believing that Dave Batista winning the Royal Rumble over the white hot Daniel Bryan would be a good idea. He was wrong.  The funny thing is the backlash against Batista caused the crowd to rally behind Roman Reigns who as some people seem to have forgotten became one of the most over guys in the company that people were begging to be pushed.  So where did it all go wrong?

Once Reigns returned from his injury it seemingly became the “cool” thing to shit on Reigns and make fun of his badly scripted cartoonish promos.  But it has never been to the extent that it was last night. It was usually 80/20 in favour of Reigns.  Roman Reigns might not be ready, but its not due to him not being capable in the ring, or not being good on the mic, because he is more than capable and he is good on the mic when he isn’t reading something that Vince McMahon wrote when he was watching Saturday morning cartoons with his grandkids. Reigns has everything needed to be the companies top guy, but it doesn’t happen as quickly as WWE hoped.  Reigns not being ready is due to his push being stalled due to injury and being shoved down the fans throats as opposed to getting over organically, like he did one year ago.  Wrestling fans are fickle and are as big a part of the problem as WWE are, most of the time. Reigns to me is worthy of his spot, but he hasn’t been accepted so we knew what was coming.  It didn’t take a rocket scientist to know what kind of a reaction he was going to get at the Royal Rumble.  Could a supposed collection of creative geniuses not have seen it coming?

If they could, then why bother bringing Bryan back and getting people’s hopes up?  If Bryan wasn’t in that match and wasn’t eliminated you can be sure the crowd would have been very different come the end of the night.  When you bring back the most popular wrestler the company has had in years and tease him winning the Royal Rumble, which was the logical conclusion to his return, you have to expect some sort of uproar.  From the second Bryan was turfed out in the most anticlimactic of ways it was going to be a massacre for anyone else in the match.  Even Ambrose and Ziggler got tepid reactions once the crowd realised that it was a foregone conclusion that Reigns had the win secured.

The closing moments of the match were Vince McMahon in a nutshell.  Wyatt, Ziggler, and Ambrose were dumped out in the worst ways possible and then his new superhero was faced with two giants and an evil Russian.  Like something straight out of 1985, this was all the proof needed that Vince McMahon is a million miles away from understanding his audience.  Why not actually push the guys that are already over instead of forcing people to like what you want them to like simply because you’re stubborn.  I hope the crazy old man had his hearing aid turned on last night because Vince wasn’t putting smiles on people’s faces, he almost caused a riot, which might be an overreaction but surely it can tell him something!

It’s amazing how WWE can get something so right like the WWE title match and an hour later get something so wrong and turn the Royal Rumble into an unwatchable farce.  What must have been going through The Rocks mind as the crowd was so furious that even an appearance from The Great One couldn’t  save things.  With all that aside, people really need to stop blaming Roman Reigns, who you have to feel sorry for as what was meant to be his crowning moment became a complete disaster due to nothing but stupidity from an old man that still thinks what was successful on 1985 can work today.  The crowd weren’t necessarily booing Reigns or even The Rock, they were booing WWE and their stale dated product that they desperately want to love. It’s mind blowing to think that Vince ignores people who want to give him their money to see Bryan, Ziggler, Ambrose etc and insists on infuriating people to the point where they cancel subscriptions to Vince’s beloved network, something that the future of the company depends on.  I hope for Roman Reigns sake that he is immediately turned heel because there is no way he will recover from what happened at the Royal Rumble.
So just like last year the Royal Rumble match was ruined due to fans forcibly showing their displeasure. Will it be the same 12 months from now? I’d like to think not, but realistically the only way anything is going to change is if people stop watching, cancel their subscriptions, or more importantly Vince McMahon is in a wooden box six feet below the ground.  In the meantime don’t focus your energy on complaining, focus it on the variety of incredible alternatives that are available.

Not a boxer but a pro wrestling fan. If there’s a ring I’ll watch it, so naturally I have a lot of opinions (complaints).

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