Don’t Settle for Bryan vs. Ziggler

Every year around this time the rumoured Wrestlemania card starts floating around and as it gets closer to Wrestlemania time those rumoured matches start to look more and more likely.  The one that has got people talking the most this year has been the realistic possibility of Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler.  Now of course anyone with any common sense can tell you that Bryan vs Ziggler could have a classic wrestling match and possibly steal the show on any card in the world.  However people shouldn’t be getting excited so quickly, especially after the mess that was the Royal Rumble.


The Rumble match turned into a farce mainly because WWE decided to not give the fans what they were begging for and that was a win for Bryan, Ziggler or Ambrose.  Not only did we not get that, but Bryan was dumped out half way through the match without really doing anything and Ziggler was eliminated after being in the ring for less than two minutes.  So now a few days later these same fans that were begging for a huge moment for one of their guys are accepting Bryan vs Ziggler in a Mania match that will be fourth or fifth from the top on the premise that it will be a “good match”.  Well that’s exactly what WWE want you to think.


WWE have no intentions of pushing Bryan to the top of the card anytime soon.  They don’t have any faith in him for some bizarre reason that only Vince McMahon understands.  Ziggler was the man that got rid of The Authority and had a career making moment at Survivor Series that wasn’t followed up on which tells us WWE really have no intentions of ever doing anything of any real importance with him either.  So now what we’re left with is Ziggler and Bryan paired off in a corner to play together and stay out of WWE’s hair so they can focus on the people that matter to them such as the part timer crew, John Cena and new project Roman Reigns.  WWE see Bryan and Ziggler as two guys that “the internet” loves so they want to keep them out of the way while hoping that “the internet” lose their minds in the hope of seeing a potential show stealer from the two.


Why should people be so quick to accept that? Shouldn’t you want Bryan and Ziggler to be on the top of the card in featured matches that actually matter? Shouldn’t the Wrestlemania card be built around these two and others like them? What state is WWE going to be in when there aren’t any part timers left? We can be sure that Bray Wyatt won’t be coming out on top vs The Undertaker, and what does it matter if he does? He should have been the one to end the streak last year instead of the part time guy who might even be done with WWE after Mania. How does Sting vs Triple H help anyone? Will Sting be at work on Monday, to paraphrase CM Punk.  Rusev and Cena are set to collide at the next PPV, Fast Lane, which could spill over into Wrestlemania.  We all know who is winning that one and it’s sad.  It’s amazing that people will accept this sort of thing so easily. WWE hasn’t invested in their future, and instead they keep relying on the old guard in the top matches.  Sure we have Reigns getting a big push and Rollins is in a great spot, but thats no reason to ignore others that the fans are crying out for.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that Bryan vs Ziggler will be the show stealing classic you think it might be.  Traditionally anything that isn’t one of the featured top Mania matches is lucky to get ten minutes.  I really hope I’m wrong and of course nothing is set in stone, but it is really really sad that Bryan, the man that made Wrestlemania 30 one of the best Wrestlemania’s of the last decade is being treated like an afterthought one year later when he is arguably more over now than he ever was.  I really want to believe that Bryan vs Ziggler is a good idea, but in reality it isn’t and it’s just more confirmation of the serious problems in WWE right now.

Not a boxer but a pro wrestling fan. If there’s a ring I’ll watch it, so naturally I have a lot of opinions (complaints).

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