Review: PWG’s Black Cole Sun

If you follow me on Twitter then you have been inundated with my tweets about Black Cole Sun and how much I loved it. Quick background: I originally was excited about this show because I wanted to see Roderick Strong against Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly against Ricochet. I even stayed up till almost  3AM my time just to get the results. The results then hyped me up even further because arguably my favorite wrestler in the Indy scene became champion.



The night started with an announcement that Roderick Strong wouldn’t be participating in the show because of a storm. Obviously, I was super bummed by this. (Yes, I’m a shity little boots type of girl.)


Johnny Gargano, Chuck Taylor and Bobby Fish vs ACH, AR Fox and Rich Swann:

The person that really stood out to me during this match was Bobby Fish. Fish really stood out among the comedians in the match while still being  fun to watch.I thought the match got a little too goofy at times but that didn’t really bother me since it was an opening match.  This one featured all the crazy dives and near falls that you’d expect from these guys and also ACH in a Christmas hat. Overall, it was enjoyable.


Adam Cole vs Cedric Alexander:

This match was all sorts of fun even with Cole injured. Cole plays up the douchebag heel perfectly and is the perfect opponent for Alexander, the explosive babyface who is someone that I look forward to watching in the years to come. I liked how well the match came together despite Adam Coles shoulder injury which was apparent every now and then when he would wince. Cole relied on his obnoxious behaviour and world class mockery to distract from any physical restrictions he had.  After the match was over, Cole says a few words about how he put off surgery to be in Reseda which seemed heart felt.


Since I got the DVD last Thursday this is one of the matches I’ve replayed a lot. Cole shows why he’s a pro at 25 and why so many people are excited to watch him grow.


Trevor Lee vs Chris Hero:

Everytime I watch Lee I get even more excited about his future. This match was everything I thought it would be. Hero playing the pissed off veteran perfectly while Lee was in the role of the scrappy underdog. It sounds weird but I get a real thrill watching Hero elbow people in the face and this match was mainly that. Lee manages to get a few strikes here and there but Hero dominated this match. Lee won this match up in another clean sweep. Hero is yet another former PWG world champion that has fallen to Lee as he heads into his title shot next month.


Worlds Cutest Tag Team (Joey Ryan & Candice LeRae) vs The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian):

I had a little problem with this match and that was the overly sexual things that were sort of done to Candice when she was in the ring alone but I enjoyed this match. Candice proved why so many people love her and are rooting for her success. She keeps up with the guys and isn’t afraid to get physical. The match was booked nicely with Joey take out early on after a belt shot from Kaz.  This left Candice to take the beat down and as she is obviously the natural sympathetic underdog it set up the save from Ryan.  The Addiction are great as heels, something they’ve only really done in PWG since leaving TNA.  They’re a lot more comfortable in that role as opposed to how they are presented in ROH.  While Joey Ryan was great as always with his blow pop related comedy.


Four Way Match: Biff Busick vs Brian Cage vs Tommaso Ciampa vs Uhaa Nation:

I’m not sure how many people know my love of brute force in wrestling matches, so if you didn’t know, now you do.

This match was physical from the get go. If you’re into suplexes this is the match for you.  These guys didn’t hold back and wrestled the entire match in fifth gear. Brian Cage is one freaky specimen of a man and looks even better in the ring after his injury lay off. If you haven’t see Uhaa Nation check him out here because soon he’ll be flying all over NXT.  How a man his size does the things he does is mind blowing. Tommaso Ciampa really showed his strength in this match and I personally loved watching him. Finally, there’s Biff Busick who I want to see have an enormous 2015 because the man is incredibly talented.


I honestly didn’t know what to expect going into this match but I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer display of physicality and athleticism.


Chris Sabin & Matt Sydal vs The Young Bucks:

So we all know The Young Bucks are #over which means that what I was looking forward to the most in this match was watching Sabin & Sydal. Sydal has a warm place in my heart because I think he’s is just the bees knees in the ring and has been re-finding his former self more and more every time out . I also have a special place for Sabin because I also think the guy is greatly gifted. I was a little worried to see if their styles would mesh and boy did they! It goes without saying but superkicks were on overdrive here.  This was a fun match and had all the usual Young Bucks tag team innovation.  It looks like Sydal and Sabin will be a regular team going forward.


Kyle O’Reilly vs Ricochet:

O’Reilly vs Ricochet is something special. Ricochet spent the majority of last year proving that he was more than just a guy that could flip (but man does he flip well). While O’Reilly is constantly proving his superior technical ability. This match built slowly but man, when it got going it went sky high. O’Reilly countering basically everything Ricochet did into a submission was such an incredible highlight while Ricochet trying to out do O’reilly was great fun too! I loved this match as both these guys seemed so determined to prove that they are the best at what they do and man did they.


O’Reilly won the match and was about to say something heartfelt (I think) when he was rudely interrupted and by interrupted, I mean attacked by Roderick Strong. Now if you’re me, at this point you’re cheering. Strong demands a title match and starts attacking O’Reilly but O’Reilly fights back and declares that it won’t just be any match but a guerrilla warfare match (*Queue the squeals!*).


Kyle O’Reilly vs Roderick Strong:

This matchup was so great. O’Reilly showed his versatility as he went into a crazy brawl with Strong moments after having a pure wrestling match with the high flyer Ricochet. Strong is another douche type heel that I love to watch and he played it up well during this match, arguing with the crowd and I believe, even at one point spitting on someone in the crowd. O’Reilly on the other hand put on a hell of a performance with this being his second lengthy match of the night and kept up with the sheer brute force that Strong was delivering. This match resembled more of a real fight than an actual wrestling match with Strong choking O’Reilly with the ring rope and then O’Reilly choked Strong with a chain. The match also saw brainbusters and backbreakers onto chairs and a crazy suplex onto a table on the floor.  Strong was able to get in the End of Heart Ache which then led to him placing O’Reilly in the Stronghold. O’Reilly essentially passed out after that. It was a great way to end such a chaotic and physical match. O’Reilly looked tough as nails and Strong, well Strong’s the PWG Champ now.


Strong ends the night by telling the crowd to basically fuck off. Again, such a great way to end the show as well as the PWG year.


Credit to @RoderickStrong on Twitter.

Credit to @RoderickStrong on Twitter.

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