Five Names I’d Like To See On Tough Enough 2015

WWE’s reality series “Tough Enough” will be returning to the USA network this year. So whats a better way to get the show more attention than adding some familiar faces to the competition? Here’s a few Talents that I think can bring Tough Enough a great amount of attention on an international level and also be something for WWE to build towards the future with.


Dave Mastiff: Wouldn’t it be nice if WWE capitalized on one of TNA’s mistakes for once. If you’re familiar with the UK indie scene then surely you’ve heard of Dave “the Bastard” Mastiff. Cut from the same cloth as Vader and Bam Bam Bigelow, Mastiff is one of the most athletic big men out there (and the way big men wrestle nowadays, that’s saying a lot). He would be a great fit for the main roster that seems to be lacking in big guys that aren’t on their way out soon. Dave has been a staple in the UK wrestling scene for the last few years so he can bring the International appeal WWE has been looking to have in most of their newest stars. What also helps is he already has experience in this field with season 2 of TNA’s British Boot Camp under his belt.

Kimber Lee: If you ask a few random wrestling fans who their top 10 women’s wrestlers are at the moment, Kimber’s name is sure to come up on more than one occasion. Kimber Lee has only been officially on the scene for about 5 years, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from watching her. At 24 years old she has already put on some great matches with some of the best the indies have to offer (male or female) and as the first female graduate of the CZW training academy the question “is she tough enough?” doesn’t even need to be asked, she’s a WRESTLER and there’s no doubt about that. Kimber is definitely someone that can bring some prominence to the currently lacking main roster divas division.

Raymond Rowe: One half of the most badass tag teams in the world War Machine, Ray Rowe has size, athleticism and great mat skills that would surprise just about anyone who sees him (due to his amateur wrestling background). He has over 10 years of experience and has been trained in the WWE style by one of the best in Josh Prohibition, so the transition wouldn’t be a problem for him. Aside from his mat skills and all around badassery Rowe’s versatility is what makes him an asset in my eyes. Face, heel, tag team or singles competition Ray Rowe can work it all at a high level.

Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee: These two are kind of a package deal. Both are in their very early 20’s, have been wrestling since their mid-teens in the same promotion (CWF Mid-Atlantic) and are looked at as the future of wrestling. Add in that they’ve been rivaling for almost as long as they’ve been wrestling and you’ve got one hell of a back story that can be used in WWE for years to come. Both these men have what it takes to be superstars so if somehow they can both get signed, a career long Cena/Orton-esque rivalry with Everett and Lee can be one of the best we’ve ever seen.

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