Match of the Month – September 2015

September was a realtively quiet month for pro wrestling, but there was still no shortage of great matches. Here are our picks as the best of the month.

Matthew Macklin

ReDRagon vs Time Splitters – NJPW Destruction in Kobe

This is one of the best tag team matches I’ve ever seen.  It was so well laid out and just when you thought a finish was near, they’d head off in another direction.  There was mat wrestling, high flying, brawling, innovation, synchronised tag moves and awesome near falls.  If you haven’t already seen it, I urge you to watch it.

Honourable Mentions

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Hirooki Goto – NJPW Destruction in Kobe

Will Ospreay vs Mark Haskins – Progress Chapter 21

Jay Lethal vs Kyle O’Reilly – ROH All Star Extravaganza VII

ACH vs Matt Sydal – ROH All Star Extravaganza VII


Mark Anthony

Biff Busick vs Eddie Edwards – Beyond Wrestling, Greatest Rivals Round Robin

Just an Absolutely perfect match between two ultimate rivals, everything made this great, the wrestling, the atmosphere, EVERYTHING. this was Biff’s last indie match so if you haven’t already I suggest you order this event and watch it, a lot!

Honourable Mentions:

Will Ospreay vs Mark Haskins – PROGRESS Wrestling, Chapter 21

Donovan Dijak vs Andrew Everett: Beyond Wrestling, Powder Keg

Damo O’Connor vs Tommaso Ciampa – ICW, Spacebaws 3

Biff Busick vs Timothy Thatcher – Beyond Wrestling, Greatest Rivals Round Robin

Jessicka Havoc vs Courtney Rush – SMASH Wrestling, 2015 CANUSA Classic


Mark Osborne

AR Fox vs. Mike “Speedball” Bailey, CZW “Down with the Sickness”

I’m not generally a fan of CZW’s assorted blood baths, so I generally don’t want to order their iPPVs. But you just need to say the words “AR Fox and Speedball in a ladder match” to get me to watch. This match, simply, was nuts. It was reminiscent of the best Kevin Steen-El Generico ladder matches — only more violent. If you thought everything had already been done in ladder matches, your mind will be blown. Broken ladders, Shooting Star Knee Drops onto ladders, Fox moonsaulting onto Bailey lying prone on a guardrail. This match won’t appeal to old school wrestling fans, but sometimes I just want to see a spectacle. AR Fox and Bailey delivered possibly the best of the year. And thankfully, somehow, neither of them died.

Honorable Mentions:

Athena vs. Hania the Huntress – WSU Excellence (ending was terrible, but find Athena’s kayfabe-breaking going away speech)

Seth Rollins vs. John Cena – WWE Night of Champions

Kenny Omega vs. KUSHIDA – NJPW Destruction in Okayama

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Hirooki Goto – NJPW Destruction in Kobe

Heather Jeannine

Jay Lethal vs Kyle O’Reilly – ROH All Star Extravaganza VII

This match was everything I wanted going in. Lethal slapped O’Reilly straight away in an attempt to get in his head.  Kyle returned the favour showing he won’t be intimidated.  Kyle O’Reilly was an absolute machine here.  He pulled out a barrage of different submission holds.  Every time Lethal got any momentum, Kyle would grab him into something.  Kyle kept going back to the injured leg of Lethal from the opening match of the show.  Kyle looked amazing in everything he did.  He countered a Lethal Injection into an armbar at one stage, which was an awesome counter.   This was an awesome pro wrestling match. The finish has caused a lot of controversy.  The ref went down, Fish & Dijak got involved.  Cole appeared and it looked like Future Shock were going to double team Lethal until Cole superkicked Kyle allowing Lethal to hit the Lethal Injection to steal the win.  Kyle was robbed and lost nothing in defeat.  Lethal escapes with the title by a whisker again and can gloat about it.  No one saw Cole turning on Kyle, which sets up a whole lot of great things and The Kingdom are back at full strength with people absolutely detesting them.  AKA Fantastic.

Honourable Mentions:

Adam Cole vs Roderick Strong vs AJ Styles vs Michael Elgin – ROH All Star Extravaganza VII

Jay Lethal vs Bobby Fish – ROH All Star Extravaganza VII

ACH vs Matt Sydal – ROH All Star Extravaganza VII

Nikki Bella vs Charlotte – WWE Night of Champions

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