60 Wrestlers To Look Out For In 2016 (Part 3)

The last 20 of the 60 wrestlers you need to look out for this year is finally here (apologies or the delay). Now with this final 20 I figured trying to get more highlight videos rather than full matches (keyword is TRY, not everyone has highlight videos unfortunately) to make things quicker for viewers. so without further ado, here’s the final 20.

BT Gunn:  I’ve been watching BT Gunn for at least a year and I have yet to hear this man speak, but he totally has me captured with his hard in ring style. Gunn is a member of the New Age Kliq, in ICW over in Scotland and he’s a huge part of their recent success, he had one of the best feuds of the year with Mikey Whiplash in 2015. Like a good amount of ICW guys, Gunn was mainly getting booked in Scotland, but he’s starting to get booked in England more so I’m sure everyone will be hearing his name a lot more this year.

2016 Dream Matches: Roderick Strong, Ilja Dragunov, Mark Haskins

Darius Carter: The Leader of Crusade For Change, Darius Carter is a gem in the northeast, His heel work is basically unmatched, he’s a very smart competitor and is a student of the game. Carter holds titles in multiple promotions and is the leader of whatever faction he is apart of and it’s very obvious why, he has the mind for it and fits extremely well in that role. A big moment in Carter’s career last year was getting the chance to face Evolve champion Timothy Thatcher, Carter prides himself in his Technical skill and Thatcher is one of the best technical wrestlers in the world so it was a big test for him, which he did a great job in even though he lost. Carter is definitely someone who needs more eyes on him.

2016 Dream Matches: Zack Sabre Jr, Timothy Thatcher (rematch), Zack Gibson

Anthony Gangone: The current House Of Glory Elite Champion, Gangone is one of the guys on this list that I haven’t seen a whole lot of but totally caught my attention when I get the chance to, he’s a pretty impressive talent. Like Darius Carter, Gangone is apart of Crusade For Change and gets booked a good amount in the northeast, now that he’s made his way into Beyond Wrestling I fully expect him to be talked about a lot more this year.

2016 Dream Matches: Drew Gulak, Tracy Williams, TJ Perkins

Kobe Durst: Kobe Durst is a young Canadian standout and the current Alpha-1 Wrestling Zero Gravity Champion, lately he has been making his way to to the States and is looking to make a name for himself on a wider scale, and I really don’t think it’s going to be too hard for him. Durst has run through some great opponents in Alpha-1 such as Tyson Dux, Rickey Shane Page and Heidi Lovelace, he’s very young so he’s still developing but the level of talent he’s showing at the moment is great.

2016 Dream Matches: Joey Janela, JT Dunn, Andy Dalton

Mark Coffey: Yup, that’s right, there’s two Coffey’s in wrestling and while Mark is a talked about a little less than his brother Joe, he’s just as fantastic in the ring. Mark Coffey is a truly exceptional talent, he’s got the size, charisma, and definitely has the in-ring skill to be deemed a must watch wrestler just like his brother, Mark’s hard hitting style can truly be a spectacle at times (HIGHLY suggest checking out his match with Trent Seven from ICW Friday Night Fight Club last year), if he’s not someone you’re checking out i really feel like you’re missing out.

2016 Dream Matches: Chris Hero, Sami Callihan, Big Daddy Walter

Aspen Faith:  25 year old Aspen Faith is a hidden gem in Scotland, he mainly works in Wrestle Zone but has made his way into ICW a few times, he’s a good young technician with loads of potential and even though he’s a little on the skinny side dont let that fool you, he’s brute when he needs to be. Faith is someone I believe should be getting chances in a lot more promotions across the UK to get a chance to grow more as a talent, hopefully that happens this year

2016 Dream Matches: BT Gunn, Will Ospreay, Chris Brookes

Mikey Whiplash: In my opinion Mikey Whiplash is one of the most versatile and underrated wrestlers in all of wrestling, he can work just about whatever style needed in excellent fashion and he always puts everything into all his matches, no holding back whatsoever. on top of Whiplash’s skill and dedication to the sport he has such an amazing character, he’s 1/3 of Legion along with Tommy End and Michael Dante, If Death Metal took the form of three human beings, it would be Legion. Whiplash had one of the best feuds of the year in 2015 with BT Gunn, if you haven’t seen any of it i suggest you check a match or two out and pay close attention to Mikey Whiplash this year

2016 Dream Matches: Zack Sabre Jr, Chris Hero, Kyle O’Reilly

Scotty O’Shea: Hacker Scotty O’Shea is the most badass nerd on the scene, he’s a big part of why SMASH Wrestling out in Canada is so awesome, his Fans Bring the Keyboards match and Ambulance Match against Brent Banks are a prime example of that, If O’Shea isn’t someone you’ve seen I Suggest seeking out those matches. O’Shea basically only booked in Canada at the moment but hopefully this is the year that changes cause there’s a good amount of match ups waiting for him in the states.

2016 Dream Matches: Sami Callihan, Tommy End, Tommaso Ciampa

Sami Callihan: Ever since leaving WWE Sami Calihan has been on a major tear in the indies as expected, he’s already had a load of great matches with the likes of Johnny Gargano, Mike Bailey and Zack Sabre Jr (as an opponent AND tag partner). If you’re a WWE fan that just stopped paying attention to Callihan once he left his Solomon Crowe character in NXT, you really need to watch him this year to see exactly what WWE missed out on.

2016 Dream Matches: Jimmy Havoc, Michael Dante, Jon Gresham

EYFBO:  I see EYFBO live just about every month and they’re always getting better, Mike Draztik and Angel Ortiz is low key one of the best tag teams in the Northeast, they’re apart of Beyond Wrestling’s strongest faction, Team Pazuzu, and are a big reason why the team is so great. Draztik and Ortiz have been popping up in new promotions every now and then so their name is starting to get out there more which is great cause they deserve it, if they can make their way to southern, or western promotions this year that would be even better.

2016 Dream Matches: reDRagon, Tommy End & Chris Hero, Super Smash Bros

Jason Cade: Jason Cade is an up and comer mainly getting booked in Florida and a few other southern states, he recently got a chance to work a couple of the latest Evolve shows where I got the chance to see him, he’s a really fun high flyer to watch and he held his own in a match with the likes of Ethan Page, Tony Nese and Fred Yehi. Cade getting a shot on an Evolve ippv says a lot to me and he’s definitely someone i plan on keeping tabs on this year.

2016 Dream Matches: Shynron, Andrew Everett, Trevor Lee

Nixon Newell: The UK has a lot of very young female talent coming up, and Nixon Newell is a name that comes up a good amount on the scene. Newell has made her way into numerous promotions in Europe over the last couple of years as a singles competitor and as a tag team with Chris Brookes, she’s the current Southside Wrestling Entertainment’s Queen of Southside Champion taking it from the first champion Kay Lee Ray and ending her 200+ day reign. Newell is a crowd favorite, she’s very charismatic and enjoyable to watch in the ring (that Welsh Destroyer of her’s is a thing of beauty), I don’t think it’ll be very long until we see hear in a Shimmer or Shine ring.

2016 Dream Matches: Candice LeRae, Kimber Lee, Nikki Storm

Adam Page: One of ROH’s rising stars, Adam Page has come a long way since he first debuted in the promotion, joining The Decade did wonders for him and now that he’s breaking away from them it’s time for him to truly show what he can do as a singles star. Page had a good 2015 in ROH and also in other promotions in the south with his Country Jacked tag partner Cory Hollis who he holds two sets of tag titles with at the moment. If you haven’t been paying a lot of attention to Adam Page, the time to do so is now.

2016 Dream Matches: David Starr, Chris Hero, Joseph Conners

Ace Romero: Another student of Biff Busick, Ace Romero is, a big hoss of a man, he shows lots of promise and much like I said about Xavier Bell, shows major shades of Biff in his matches. Romero is very athletic for his size which is always a plus, I see him Developing into a very versatile worker, pay attention to him and watch him grow cause I believe he will be something someday soon.

2016 Dream Matches: Matt Tremont, Brian Cage, Michael Dante

Da Hit Squad: The tag team of Dan Maff and Steve Mack have been around for almost two decades, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them live just about every month in 2015 and to say the year they had was great would be a ridiculous understatement, they were probably the best tag team in Beyond Wrestling for the whole year. They’ve been around for a long time, but Da Hit Squad are STILL a premier tag team and are simply a must to put on your radar from here on out.

2016 Dream Matches: Tommy End & Chris Hero, The London Riots, Dave Mastiff & Damo O’Connor

Rude Boy Riley: One half of Scumbag nation and the current Tier 1 Wrestling Champion James “Rude Boy” Riley is someone that catches your attention as soon as you see him and does a good job of keeping it with his in ring work, he’s not perfect/in his prime yet or anything but damn when he is it’s going to be great cause he’s really good at the moment and continuously getting better. Tier 1 Wrestling is now going to start doing Ippvs, so you can now see a lot more of Riley this year.

2016 Dream Matches: Kyle O’Reilly, JT Dunn, Tommy End

Cory Hollis: I talked about his Country Jacked tag partner, now lets talk about Cory Hollis. in 2015 Hollis worked the indies, NXT and ROH facing an array of fantastic opponents and showing he can hang with the best of them. If you haven’t seen Hollis work I suggest you make it a priority to do so, he was Aj Styles’ last opponent on the indies and it’s easy to see why he earned such an opportunity.

2016 Dream Matches: Bobby Fish, Roderick Strong, Adam Cole

Marty Scurll: I won’t lie, Marty Scurll is someone that should have been on your radar a long time ago, but now that he’s making his way to America and also obtained the PROGRESS Championship in the UK, “The Villain” is must watch. Scurll is easily one of the best wrestlers in the world in the ring and on the mic, I’m gonna go ahead and say he’s the one guy on this list I’d say is absolutely Mandatory to check out.

2016 Dream Matches: Roderick Strong, Matt Sydal, Ethan Page

Jinny: There’s always some wrestlers that come around and have such a major presence you just know they have IT, Jinny is one of those. A student of the PROGRESS Wrestling Projo, Jinny, in my honest opinion, is a star in the making, she had a top 10 PROGRESS match of the year with Polyanna at the Super Strong Style 16 and she hasn’t even been wrestling for very long. she’s obviously still developing in the ring but like I said she has the presence down pat and her evil fashionista gimmick, while on paper doesn’t sound like it would be good, totally works for her. Jinny is something a good amount of up and coming wrestlers aren’t, comfortable, she knows she’s going to be a star and won’t let anyone tell her different.

2016 Dream Matches: Nikki Storm, Layla Rose, Toni Storm


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