Beyond Wrestling: By Popular Demand – Review

This past Sunday (February 28th, 2016) Beyond Wrestling held two shows in one day, it was originally supposed to be one show but State Of The Art sold out so quick, they decided to bless us with another, resulting in this By Popular Demand. This was the first show of the day and usually you would think the first show would be kind of meh, but no, this was a stacked card that was enjoyable to watch both live and on VOD (you can subscribe to Beyondemand HERE)

Drew Gulak Vs Conor Claxton: A nice solid Teacher Vs Student match to start the show off. Claxton is someone I see live very few times but is always one I look forward to, he’s doing a great job of transitioning from a death match wrestler to a mat technician under the tutelage of Gulak and they looked good together in this well paced technical match. Gulak is one of the best wrestlers out there right now who I feel, even though pwople KNOW he’s great, gets overlooked a lot, he’s always a pleasure to watch. Like I said before, this match was paced very well (if you aren’t a big fan of technical wrestling you may say it was a bit slow, but whatever) and I liked the fact that Claxton got the chance to show he can work a upper tier wrestler such as Gulak. Gulak got the win here with this crazy piledriver I’m having a hard time to find the words to describe. Really solid opener

Massage NV (Dorian Graves & VSK) Vs Milk Chocolate (Brandon Watts & Scott Summers): Just a ridiculously fun match. If you haven’t seen or heard of Massage NV before, their gimmick is that they’re a pair of Masseuses that happen to wrestle, they’re a comedy team, but don’t let that fool you cause while yes they are hilarious, they are totally competent in the ring also. Milk Chocolate are also a team known for being funny but are also really solid workers, they know how to work a crowd really freat either to get over or get booed (in this case it was getting booed). This was really fun to see live and still held up with my second watch on the VOD, there’s so much hilarity here that if you don’t laugh at least once I’m pretty sure you have no soul. Massage NV picked up the win with an assisted Lung Blower.

Lio Rush Vs John Silver: As good as I thought this match was going to be when I saw it was announced, it ended up being even better. This was easily my favorite performance from John Silver that I’ve gotten to see live, he was all business here, more aggressive than ever, absolutely showed that he is someone people should take more seriously as a wrestler. it’s pretty wild to think Lio Rush has only been wrestling for about a year now, the kid is extremely smooth in the ring, truly a great young talent that is on the rise and every one should take the chance to try to see right now, he’s getting booked everywhere and it’s very easy to tell why. both Rush and Silver looked great here and had some nice chemistry, in my opinion this was the best match of the first show. Silver got the win with a Last Ride powerbomb. Really great match.

Crusade For Change (Darius Carter, Anthony Gangone, Tj Marconi, Tommy Trainwreck & Devin Blaze) Vs Team NEPW (Brick Mastone, Anthony Greene, Cam Zagami, Christain Casanova and Xavier Bell): This was supposed to be a fatal fourway between the students of the New England Pro Wrestling Academy but Crusade For Change decided to interrupt things, Xavier Bell came out to try to get eh save and it ended up being this 10 man tag. This match was pretty shorst, which was good cause it really didn’t need to be long. the standouts to me from Team NEPW were definitely Bell and Mastone, Bell is developing into a fine talent, I see him becoming something great soon, and Mastone is someone I can see being a great monster heel someday, big things coming from both these guys. as per usual, my two standouts in this whole match were Carter and Gangone, the more I see of Gangone the more I like him, gets me really excited for when the time comes that I get to see him in singles action I always expect greatness from Carter and he ALWAYS delivers so it’s just a great time for me watching this man work and lead his team to being a well oiled machine. C4C won this match with a pretty great 5 man combo. Short, but definitely entertaining match.

Candice LeRae Vs Ryan Galeone w/Veda Scott: Nothing spectacular, but not bad either, was definitely better seeing live than it was watching on VOD. I’m like 99% sure this was Candice and Galeone’s first time facing off against each other so the chemistry wasn’t all the way there but they did alright with what they had. There was a lot of interference from Veda Scott here, which I personally don’t mind cause hey, that’s her job as a heel manager right? like I said pretty alright match with the usual great Candice spots we all love. Galeone got the win and Veda tried to attack Candice after but Jordynne Grace came out and challenged Veda to a match at the next show later in the day, Veda Accepted.

EYFBO (Mike Draztik & Angel Ortiz) Vs Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa: EYFBO is lowkey a top tag team in the northeast, when given the opportunity ths right they can shine extremely bright, and this right here, is a big opportunity, a match with two pretty big named talents at the moment, Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano. There was a little bit more comedy in this match than I was expecting, but that’s totally fine cause it was enjoyable, what I like about both teams is they can do both the serious and comedy role well, they kicked each others asses and got us to laugh a few times, that’s always a win. As we all know Gargano and Ciampa haven’t been teaming for an extremely long time, but they’re chemistry working together would tell you otherwise. EYFBO held their own very well against Gargano & Ciampa and looked great while still playing the role of the somewhat inferior team, they managed to get the win here with a quick roll up on Ciampa. EYFBO continues to show they can go with the best of them.

JT Dunn Vs Joey Janela, Dog Collar Match: After getting his ass handed to him in that cage match back in january, Joey Janela managed to antagonize his way into getting a 3rd match with JT Dunn where JT chose the stipulation, a dog collar match. How well this stipulation in a match goes always depends on the performers (obviously that’s with any match, but its especially with this one.) and I knew that these two would work this great & show the full on hatred that this feud needed. As you would expect from a match of this sort, Dunn and Janela beat the hell out of each other here, lots of hard strikes, use of chairs, garbage cans and of course, the dog collar chain. Janela surprisingly got the win here by choking Dunn out with the chain. Chris Hero came out to aid Dunn after the match and of course, Janela couldn’t help but boast, ending up getting knocked out by Hero for it, Janela Vs Hero soon? who knows, hopefully.

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