Beyond Wrestling: State Of The Art – Review


Beyond Wrestling’s 2nd show of the double header they held on February 28th managed to top the first show with its super stacked lineup. All in all it was a really great day of wrestling and everyone should check out at least a few matches from both shows on

Team Tremendous (Det. Dan Barry & Det. Bill Carr) Vs Da Hit Squad (Dan Maff and Steve Mack): Da Hit Squad have been running through just about every tag team in Beyond, now its time for the Tournament For Tomorrow 4 winners to face off against the Tournament For Tomorrow 3 winners, Team Tremendous. Beyond was two for two with the solid openers on both shows this day, this was a good match up with a little less comedy than we’re used to from Team Tremendous, but you can’t really try to be too funny when it comes to Da Hit Squad so it made sense. My favorite parts of this match was any time Bill Carr was in thing ring going at it with either Maff or Mack, just having two big dudes knocking each other around is always a great site. Da Hit Squad got the win here and right after, EYFBO came out to challenge Maff & Mack to a rematch of the match they had last year which EYFBO lost, no Team Pazuzu members, just them. Maff & Mack accepted and I’m guessing we’ll be getting that some time soon, maybe even the next show in April.

Shynron Vs Smiley: Short, Fast paced match with some cool sequences and a lot of cool moves, was really fun to see live. This may be my 3rd time seeing smiley and I am really liking him, he’s been fun to watch and does moves I’ve never seen before (including some crazy modified flatliner he pulled off in this match), that and his gimmick of just simply being an insane person sets him apart from a lot of talent I’ve seen come through Beyond Wrestling. Shynron is one of the most evasive wrestlers I’ve ever seen, he can seriously get out of just about any move, he’s really someone I hope breaks out this year, really think he has the potential to become recognized as one of the top high flyers in the world once he puts everything together (Eg: his striking may need a little work). Shynron won this with a bottom rope 450 splash.

Veda Scott w/Ryan Galeone Vs Jordynne Grace: Earlier in the day at By Popular Demand, Jordynne Grace challenged Veda Scott to a match after Ryan Galeone defeated Candice LeRae with Veda’s help, this wasn’t Grace and Scott’s first encounter as Grace had attacked Veda for interfering in Galeone’s match with Jon Gresham in January at The Dream Left Behind, so it was probably about time they face off. This was a pretty solid showing from both Grace and Scott, some nice exchanges of suplexes took place here. This was my first time seeing Grace in the ring and she did a good job of getting over with the fans, I can say I look forward to seeing a bit more of her. This was maybe one of the better performances from Veda Scott, it was a short match and she managed to get her stuff in in the short amount of time, she stole the win with some help from Galeone’s interference and after the match Grace challenged Galeone to a match next since he cost her this one.

Kobe Durst (c) Vs Space Monkey, Alpha-1 Wrestling Zero Gravity Title Match: Every once in a while Beyond puts on a showcase match from another promotion, this time we were lucky enough to have it be Alpha-1 wrestling from Canada (seriously if you haven’t checked out Alpha-1 before I suggest you do so) with their Zero Gravity title on the line. This was a Really good debut match between Durst and Space Monkey. Now if you haven’t hear of Space Monkey yet, he’s a talent that has been slowly making his way through to some of the best indie promotions and making a name for himself, his gimmick is that he’s literally a monkey and I absolutely love it, really fun stuff. Kobe Durst is a young rising star in Canada starting to make his way into America, he’s a good heel and has a nice amount of potential in the ring, I definitely hope he (and Space Monkey) come back to Beyond at least a few times this year. Durst picked up the win with a 2nd rope Code Breaker (which he calls the “Kobe Breaker”) to retain his Zero Gravity Title.

Ethan Page Vs Sugar Dunkerton: After having a backstage confrontation with Ethan Page in Freelance wrestling and knowing he was mking his debut at Beyond, Sugar Dunkerton put out the challenge to Page to be his opponent and Page Accepted. Dunkerton’s rise in Beyond has been pretty enjoyable, for the last few months he’s been getting his ass kicked but he just keeps coming back for more, which is a big part of why he’s so over with the fans, he’s done well to let it be known he is more than a comedy wrestler. Page did a great job with establishing himself as the heel in this match, it was obvious he was more out to embarrass and humiliate Dunkerton rather than have some scientific match, even trying to force him to kiss his bare ass, this was his downfall cause Dunkerton ended up rolling out and catching him with a huge kick to the head which lead to a diving headbutt for Dunkerton to pick up the win. Pretty enjoyable match that told a different story than all the others.

Eddie Edwards Vs Brian Fury: Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards were originally set to appear together as a team on this show but Davey got injured and couldn’t show, so what better way to make it up to us than having Two of the best wrestlers in New England right now go at it. Fury and Edwards have faced off a few times before so the chemistry was high here, they worked great with each other putting together nice strike exchanges and good sequences, this was definitely a top 5 match of the night. Fury made Edwards tap to a Boston Crab for the win and to get back on track from his loss to Zack Sabre Jr in January.

Chris Hero Vs Jon Gresham: Jon Gresham is easily one of the best technical wrestlers on the planet, but for some odd reason he is someone who continues to get overlooked by certain promotions due to his size (which is stupid), but luckily Beyond Wrestling isn’t one of those promotions and gives him the platform to show off his expertise against the likes of Chris Hero. This is a dream match that I’m really surprised has never been booked before seeing how long both Gresham and Hero have been on the scene, but I must say it was absolutely worth the wait, these two killed it in the ring all while telling a great story through their wrestling, a truly excellent match, top 2 of the night and a must see in my opinion. Anyone who doubts Jon Gresham’s abilities needs to see this match cause he proves he can work with just about anybody, size not making a difference. Gresham picked up the win here getting the 3 count in a quick pin exchange between him and Hero. After the match JT Dunn hit Gresham with a rolling elbow so it looks like they’ll be crossing paths very soon

Evil Uno Vs Pinky Sanchez: When Pinky Sanchez heard Evil Uno was finally coming back stateside he put out a request to face him and Beyond filled it. Pinky is one of those wrestlers that make it fun to watch him get his ass kicked, like, really fun, and with the more aggressive style Evil Uno has been using lately this was definitely an example of that. A big thing to take away from this match is that it’s looking like Pinky is no longer with Team Pazuzu after having his new manager Kristina Diamond low blow Pazuzu manager Larry Legend before the match started. Evil Uno definitely made a good impression in his Beyond Wrestling debut, the fans seemed to really like him and want him back, there’s definitely a lot of matchups I’d like to see him work in Beyond. Uno got the win here by putting bout Pinky and Kristina Diamond in a Sharpshooter, making Pinky tap.

Matt Riddle Vs Mike Bailey: A little after this event was announced, Matt Riddle threw out an open challenge, nobody had a clue as to who would answer it and the wrestle gods blessed us with Mike Bailey. As we know, both these men have a background in martial arts so I was really excited to see what would come out of this match, wasn’t disappointed at all. This match was short but really effective and was placed perfectly before the main event, Bailey and Riddle worked really well together which made me want to see another match between them someday. Riddle is rapidly becoming an excellent professional wrestler, his transition from MMA has be so seamless, I really have a feeling he’s going to turn out to be one of the greats very soon. Riddle beautifully reversed a roundhouse kick from Bailey into a heel hook to make him tap for the win, Riddle is currently undefeated in Beyond Wrestling.

Donovan Dijak Vs Sami Callihan: The beef between Callihan and Dijak started at Fete Finale when Callihan attacked Dijak for trying to save Kimber Lee from Chris Dickinson, now they finally get to face off. This was the match of the night for me, these are two of the best talents on the scene right now so I knew once they clashed it would be fantastic, and it was. Callihan and Dijak beat the shit out of each other here, they’re both known for their hard strikes and there was A LOT of those from both men here. Dijak has slowly turned into Beyond Wrestling ace and there’s probably not a better choice to have than him, he’s an absolute beast and his skill continues to grow, even pulling out an armbar here in this match, not letting go of the arm Dijak managed to lift Callihan into a Feast Your Eyes to get the win here. Major war of a match.

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