Evolve 58 – Preview

Evolve 58

Evolve is back and this time from Dallas, Texas starting off their Wrestlemania Weekend of events. Evolve 58 is on Friday, April 8, 2016 at 4pm eastern.  The show will be live at WWNLive.com.

EVOLVE Championship Match – EVOLVE 56 Rematch

Timothy Thatcher defends vs. Matt Riddle

This one is going to be interesting after the ending to their previous match at Evolve 56. Riddle is one of the fastest rising stars in pro wrestling.  He improves in each and every match and so far, Thatcher has been his only loss.  After Riddle demanded his WWE contract at the last Evolve weekend, William Regal told Riddle that he must win the Evolve title first, giving Riddle even more of a reason to get the job done.  Riddle is going to go out there and prove that he’s not some flash in the pan. After a disappointing first meeting between the two, this will hopefully be given enough time to make up for that, because these two names together have incredible potential on paper. Riddle is a huge threat to the title, so a new champion in Dallas might not be out of the question.

EVOLVE Tag Team Championship Match – If Nese & Konley Lose They Can’t Team Again

Johnny Gargano & Drew Galloway defend vs. The Premier Athlete Brand of Anthony Nese & Caleb Konley w/ So Cal Val & Andrea

These are two of the best teams in Evolve at the minute.  Gargano and Galloway are a great tag team that while unlikely at first, have hit a really great stride together in a short space of time. PAB is probably the most well known team within Evolve. PAB have gone up against everyone. But, in recent months there’s been tension between Konley and Nese. I’m hoping this does lead to their break up because Konley & Nese could both use a new direction and could have some great matches together.

Best In The World Challenge Series – The Flyer

Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Will Ospreay

Ospreay has finally arrived in Evolve. And his first opponent? Zack. Sabre. Jr. Sabre is on a quest to prove that he’s the best and Ospreay is going to be the next notch in that belt. Sabre’s Best in the World Series is seeing Sabre face a variety of different eg opponents.  He has already beaten Johnny Gargano & Drew Gulak, now he meets th Aerial Assassin Will Ospreay.  If you’ve never seen him, you are in for a hell of a treat.  Ospreay is arguably the best high flyer on the planet right now and with his NJPW debut coming up soon, he’s the talk of the wrestling world.  Another cool aspect of this match is going to be how different each man’s style is. These two met a couple of weeks ago in the WXW 16 Carat tournament and it was a mesmerising, innovative match where two guys with extremely different styles created something really special.  This match could easily steal the entire weekend, a weekend where the British stars could make an even bigger name for themselves.

Tag Team Challenge Match

Heros. Eventually. Die. of Chris Hero & Tommy End vs. Catch Point of Drew Gulak & Tracy Williams

Heros Eventually Die was probably my favorite tag team in the tag team tournament that was held in January. They are a trainwreck waiting to happen and they are amazing together. Catch Point are a great team and the faction is gaining momentum in Evolve.  Williams had probably his best outing against Hero in the last set of Evolve shows in what was his breakout weekend. We will see them meet again here.  Tommy End was one of the standouts on last years Wrestlemania weekend shows.  End & Williams together could create something really great. Prepare for a lot of strikes, a lot of kicks and a lot of submission attempts.  This will be great.

Special Attraction Match

Ricochet vs. TJ Perkins

This is going to be extraordinary. It’s been a minute since we last saw Ricochet in Evolve. Against TJP, Ricochet is going to have to bring his all. TJP is one of the best wrestlers anywhere in the world and while his high flying is always on point, as soon as TJP grounds Ricochet; Ricochet might be in trouble. TJP has been on a small winning streak, getting big wins over Tommaso Ciampa and Sami Callihan at the last Evolve weekend.  It looks like this will continue as TJP looks to be heading towards the Global Cruiserweight Series in July.  A win over Ricochet would be huge, given all his history in Evolve.

Special Challenge Match #1

Sami Callihan vs. Ethan Page

I am so glad this match made it on to the Dallas shows. This match was original supposed to be a part of Page’s Trial Series back in January but that got scrapped when Thatcher got injured. Here it is though! Page is a chameleon who is on the verge of being considered a superstar by everyone and now that he’s not cheating to win it’s going to be interesting to see how he gets around Callihan. Callihan has been on a mission since leaving NXT and I don’t expect it to be any different here. Callihan is focused on getting the Evolve title so expect the Callihan to do his best in bringing out a lot of physicality in Page.

Special Challenge Match #2

Marty Scurll vs. Fred Yehi

Another debut for Evolve! The Villain has arrived. Scurll is another man that if you’ve never seen him you’re in for a treat. Scurll, the current Progress champion is one of the best heels anywhere at the minute and has been making a big name for himself in PWG.  Yehi is a name rising through the ranks in Evolve.  As this is Scurlls debut and with bigger matched ahead of him this weekend, he should get the win in this one.  This could easily be the sleeper match on the card.  Marty Scurll is someone that will have a lot of people talking by the end of this weekend.


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