NXT TV, March 30, 2016, – Review

This week’s NXT was the last stop on the road to NXT Takeover: Dallas

Jason Jordan & Chad Gable defeated Corey Hollis & John Skyler

This was an American Alpha squash, but a fun one.  Gable toyed with his opponents and hit a couple of awesome looking belly to belly suplexes. Jordan hit some big suplexes of his own before American Alpha hit their finish.  Jordan threw Hollis so high that Gable barely caught him.

Finn Balor talked about his obsession with the NXT title.  Balor comes off very forced and unnatural with these sort of babyface promos.  He’s much better as a heel when he can be slightly sarcastic and more like himself.

Baron Corbin defeated QT Marshall

Marshall of ROH fame was under a different name here.  He got on a couple of shots and a dropkick, but couldn’t get Corbin off his feet.  Corbin hit a big clothesline and Deep Six to finish it quickly.  He then came back and hit End of Days.  This was a good squash, making Corbin look like a monster ahead of his match with Austin Aries.

There was then a great video package on Shinsuke Nakamura with extensive clips from his Rev Pro matches against the likes of Zack Sabre Jr, Big Damo, Roderick Strong and Marty Scurll.  Comments from the likes of Matt Bloom, AJ Styles and Finn Balor really put over what a big deal he was.

Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder defeated Tucker Knight and Steve Cutler

The Revival singled out the smaller Cutler and hit lots of nice slick double team.  Dawson hit a Gordbuster, because why wouldn’t he.  Knight got the tag.  He is around 320 pounds and had a good flurry of clotheslines and also hit a nice dropkick.  The Revival finished him off with The Shatter Machine, which looked incredible on someone that size.

Bull Dempsey was interviewed.  They put over that we might see the Bull of old against Samoa Joe, which is strange since this was the end of him.

Apollo Crews defeated Alex Riley

This one didn’t last too long either, which is a surprise since it looked like Riley was in for a push.  He got in a bit on Crews, but Crews made a comeback and looked ridiculously smooth before hitting the toss powerbomb.  Elias Samson then came to the ring singing a really bad song.  Which, for the first time got him a really loud reaction from the crowd.  Before he got into the ring, Samson walked away.

Baron Corbin then cut what might have been the best promo of his career on Austin Aries.  He pretty much told Aries to go and sit at an autograph table with Virgil.

We then had an awesome video package for Asuka vs Bayley.  Go out of your way to see this one.

Sami Zayn spoke about his match with Shinsuke Nakamura.  This was a similar interview to the Balor one earlier.  Zayn comes off so much more natural with this sort of thing.  He didn’t feel like he was reading off a script.

Samoa Joe defeated Bull Dempsey

Bull went after Joe. Joe kneed him in the face, seemingly breaking his nose and locked in the Kokina Clutch and that was that.  Joe refused to break the hold until Finn Balor came out, which resulted in an awesome pull apart brawl.  Joe tossed Balor over the announce table. Balor jumped off it onto a crowd of people.  This was the spark that this match needed before Takeover.


This show had a lot of squash matches with the goal of building towards the big show. There were some good angles, great promos and really good video packages.  If you’re not excited about Takeover, this show will help you get there.


Not a boxer but a pro wrestling fan. If there’s a ring I’ll watch it, so naturally I have a lot of opinions (complaints).

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