Evolve 59 – Review

Evolve 59

Evolve 59 was the second of Evolve’s triple header this Wrestlemania weekend and it was another really good show.

Evolve Tag Team Championship

Tracy Williams & Drew Gulak defeated Johnny Gargano & Drew Galloway

This was a great.  We had a great mix of styles here.  Catch Point worked really well as a team and put together some good double team. Galloway & Gargano each did their thing.  Their was a feeling out process before Catch Point worked over Galloway.  Galloway hit an amazing dead lift sit out powerbomb to get back into the match. Gargano picked up the pace when he got in.  The end of this had lots of good back and forth.  Catch Point got dual ankle locks.  Galloway & Gargano got dual Garga-No Escapes, then had to switch guys cause neither were the legal pair.  The finish saw Gargano accidentally take out Galloway with a dive. Williams then hit Bloody Sunday and his Facelock to win via submission. Catch Point are a team that this tag division can now be built around.

After the match Galloway cut a fiery promo, slowly going off the rails as he said he made Evolve what it is and was sick of NXT swooping in and taking over.  He then low blowed Gargano and locked him in the Garga-No Escape.  Ethan Page came to make the save, but was dropped with a Future Shock.  Galloway then said he was the hardest working man in the business and that he was the fucking business. This was superb.  Galloway is one of the best talkers in wrestling and he is even better when he is fired up like this.  The turn was done really well, cause you couldn’t see it coming from a mile away. A heel Galloway will add something fresh to Evolve.

Chris Hero defeated Fred Yehi

This was awesome and probably Yehi’s best match to date.  This was so well done and Hero made Yehi look like a star in the making.  Hero worked over Yehi as the cocky veteran until Yehi eventually got back into it and became a suplex machine.  He was Taz level here, hitting just about every version of a suplex that you can think of.  He then hit some rolling elbows and rolling punches, which pissed Hero off and made him start hitting his own. Hero hit a jumping piledriver for a great near fall and a flurry of elbows, which Yehi again kicked out of.  Yehi was then finished off with a ripcord elbow.

Sami Callihan defeated Tony Nese

These guys went full throttle right from the opening bell.  This was a short match, but it was wrestled at a really fast pace.  Right from the bell they exchanged dives, with four big dives in total.  They exchanged big blows and big moves in the ring until Callihan hit the Cuerno killer and locked in the London Dungeon to win by submission.  The arm submission was done as a prelude to his title match with Thatcher later in the night at the WWN Supershow, showing that he had a lethal arm submission to go after Thatchers injury.

Ethan Page defeated Darby Alin

This was a squash. Alin is a guy that got this opportunity after in pressing in the WWN seminar.  He looks like a guy that can land on his feet from any situation.  Page hit a few big moves and finished this off with a HUGE Package Piledriver.  Page then cut a great promo about what he would do to Tony Nese at the WWN Supershow.  Page then said he wants Galloway one on one when Evolve are in Baltimore in May.

USA vs Europe Series 1

Tommy End defeated TJ Perkins

This was a great, innovative match, which showcased End better than the tag match the night before. End hit all sorts of strike combos and went in and out of submission holds.  TJP targeted the knee as he has been doing.  End got a nice near fall from a Brainbuster. End won when he nailed TJP with a knee strike out of nowhere.  This was a decent match. This was a surprising win for End given the recent push of TJP.

USA vs Europe Series 2

Matt Riddle defeated Zack Sabre Jr

This was a great mat based wrestling match.  Sabre went in and out of an array of submission holds.  Riddle did too, going for an ankle lock at one point.  Riddle changed things up and played a different game.  He hit a nice capture suplex, a huge German suplex and a fishermans suplex.  Both guys exchanged slaps and Sabre went back to the mat and tried to tie up Riddle until Riddle countered into what was almost a grounded abdominal stretch, which is apparently called the Bromission, to score a big submission win.  This is Sabre’s first loss in his Best In The World Series.

USA vs Europe Series 3

Marty Scurll defeated Timothy Thatcher

This was a major upset! Thatcher went into this selling the arm injury from the night before.  This was a great back and forth match.  Thatcher kept going after an ankle lock until Scurll went after the arm.  There was one great sequence where Scurll snapped the fingers of Thatcher and was then floored with a headbutt.  Thatcher was unable to pick up Scurll for a gutwrench and kept attempting it, which was his undoing as Scurll countered into a Chickenwing on the injured arm for a major submission win.

After the match Sami Callihan said he was in Thatchers head. The story here is that Thatcher is going into the title match weakened.

USA vs Europe Series 4

Ricochet defeated Will Ospreay

This was a high flying spectacle.  There were so many great moves here and they brought the entire sold out building to their feet for a standing ovation multiple times.  These two are the very best high flyers in the world today and this didn’t disappoint.  Both these guys make everything they do look effortless.  Ricochet got cocky as he hit Ospreay with move after move, but Ospreay refused to die.  Ricochet’s cockiness almost cost him as Ospreay almost caught him only for Ricochet to hit a Benydriller for the win.  Ospreay put in another fine showing here as his stock continues to rise. This was a spectacle and the match of the show.

After the match team Europe proposed a tie breaker as the series was at 2-2. There was a whole mess here with Hero and End cleaning house until Kota Ibushi appeared and caught End with some kicks.  Ibushi & Ricochet then shook hands to end the show.

This was a great show.  It was probably the most consistent top to bottom show of the weekend for WWN.  There was nothing bad on the show with the majority of things being great.  This is a good show to watch if you want a taste of everything that Evolve has to offer.

The show is available on VOD at WWNLive.com now.

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