Evolve 59 & WWN Supershow – Preview

Evolve continue their Wrestlemania weekend with a double header on Saturday (April 2nd).  First its Evolve 59 at 1PM Eastern, followed by the WWN Supershow: Mercury Rising at 9PM Eastern.

Evolve 59:

Evolve 59

USA vs. Europe Series Match 1

Ricochet vs Will Ospreay

These are two of the finest high flyers in the world. They have met before in the UK, but they meet for the first time in America with so much attention on Evolve this weekend.  This is yet another match that could steal the entire weekend.  We are guaranteed many mind blowing spots where you’ll feel like you’re watching a video game.  To me this is worth the price of the show.

USA vs Europe Series Match 2

Timothy Thatcher vs Marty Scurll

Although this isn’t a title match, if Thatcher retains the title over Matt Riddle, this could become a championship match.  Scurll & Thatcher have met a few times over the last few months, trading wins on both the U.S. and the UK.  This will be a great technical battle, and with both guys knowing each other so well this could be better than their last meetings.  Scurll has a big opportunity to impress against one of Evolve’s top names.

USA vs Europe Series Match 3

Matt Riddle vs Zack Sabre Jr

If Riddle beats Thatcher at Evolve 58, this could become a title match.  This will be an amazing mix of styles.  Riddle has been putting in some incredible performances for someone of this experience level and this should be no different. The style of ZSJ should compliment Riddle really well.  Riddle rarely loses in Evolve and with ZSJ winning his way through his Best in the World series, it’s difficult to see who will come out on top.  A win for either guy would be huge.

USA vs Europe Series Match 4

TJ Perkins vs Tommy End

This will be an innovative display of a futuristic style of pro wrestling.  Perkins and End are two of the most skilled wrestlers in the world, so this is one where you will be able to sit back and watch these two create a masterpiece in the ring.

Evolve Tag Team Championship

Johnny Gargano & Drew Galloway vs Drew Gulak & Tracy Williams

This will be a championship match if Galloway & Gargano retain at Evolve 58.  If it is, I could see Catch Point taking the titles.   Williams has been having a breakout run over the last few Evolve shows, and the Catch Point faction has been gaining momentum.   Some championship gold would only bolster that.  This will have a great mix of technical wrestling and physicality when Williams & Galloway get to mix it up.

Special Attraction Match

Chris Hero vs Fred Yehi

This is another one of the sleeper matches of the weekend.  Hero is one of the finest in the world right now and he will look to bring the best out of Evolve newcomer, Yehi.  This could be a big breakout match for Yehi.

Special Challenge Match

Sami Callihan vs Anthony Nese

Callihan has been on an absolute tear since returning to the indies and has been having one great match after another.  This could be the start of a new role for Nese of the Premier Athlete Brand split the night before.  This should be a very good match.  Callihan should be winning this ahead of his title match later in the day.

Ethan Page vs Darby Allin



WWN Supershow: Mercury Rising:

WWN Supershow

Terry Funk will be honoured in the ring as part of Terry Funk Appreciation Night.

The Six Man Tag Team Tradition Continues – Days of Future Past

Kota Ibushi, Johnny Gargano & TJ Perkins vs Will Ospreay, Tommy End & Marty Scurll

This is an absolutely jaw dropping match on paper.  Since ROH, then booked by Gabe Sapolsky began running at Wrestlemania weekend, the Dragon Gate 6 man tag was always a show stealer.  Here it continues with an insane mix of talent.  Kota Ibushi returns to Evolve for the first time since their first show and is the talk of the wrestling world since departing NJPW.  An Ibushi/Ospreay meeting is what wrestling dreams are made of.  Some of the potential collisions here are mouth watering.  There is no way that this wont be awesome.

Evolve Championship

Timothy Thatcher vs Sami Callihan

Prepare for one of the stiffest matches of the weekend.  These two met in the WXW 16 Carat tournament a couple of weeks ago and they beat the hell out of each other.  If Thatcher is still champion, Callihan gets his first title shot since returning to Evolve.  This will be great!

Best in The World Challenge Series – The Rival

Zack Sabre Jr vs Chris Hero

This is the final match in ZSJ Best in The World series, this time meeting a guy that he has had a rivalry with in Evolve.  On the last weekend of shows, Hero said that ZSJ didn’t compare to some of the real best in the world that he has met over the years.  With Hero playing the heel in this one, this should be an incredibly heated match in front of a hot crowd, which will only add to what will already be one hell of a wrestling match between two guys that really are two of the best in the world.

Anything Goes

Ethan Page vs Anthony Nese

Page has been getting into it with Nese lately as he continues to try and prove that he is a changed man.  Now we will see what he will do when there are no rules.  The Page story has been building for months, so you have to think it will be coming to some sort of conclusion soon.

The Third Chapter

Matt Riddle vs Tracy Williams

These two had their second meeting in the finals of the Style Battle Tournament back in January and it was one of the finest matches of the year.  Riddle has won the two previous meetings between these two and with Williams on an upswing at the minute, a win for him over Riddle would be huge.  If this match is as good as their previous meeting, this will be yet another superb match on this show.

Respect Is Earned

Drew Gulak vs Fred Yehi

This is a rematch from Evolve 56, which was a great mat based wrestling match.  Gulak got the win on that night, so Yehi will be looking for the win here.  Yehi faces Hero & Gulak on Saturday, so it is a huge day for him and a major chance to impress against two top Evolve stars.

FIP World Heavyweight Title Fatal Four Way

Caleb Konley vs Maxwell Chicago vs Gary Jay vs Jason Cade

SHINE Championship Match

Taylor Made vs ???

Both shows will be live on WWNLive.com.

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