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PWG Bowie took place on February 12th in Reseda, California.  The show featured several great matches, as usual with PWG.

Chuck Taylor defeated Dalton Castle

This was a fine opener.  This was the PWG debut of Dalton Castle. There was a lot of goofing around at the start as Castle did all his weird mannerisms.  It picked up as the match went on and there was some decent back and forth. Castle hit all his suplexes.  Taylor hit a nice dive to the floor.  Castle them hit a hurricanrana to the floor when he did a 619 on the apron.  Castle went for a second deadlift German suplex, which Taylor countered into a roll up for the pin.  Taylor is on a mini winning streak now in PWG.  Taylor is extremely hard to take seriously. Castle has a much bigger upside and would be a good fit for PWG, but it all depends if he will be a regular or not.  It looks like they may be building to Taylor getting a title shot at some point.

Chris Hero defeated Trent

This was so well done.  Hero is one of the very best in the world right now and every match he has is different.  Every match tells a different story.  Here we seen Trent positioned we the underdog. Hero dominated this match with Trent getting in a move every now and then, but Hero would retake control instantly.  Hero began getting cocky which led to Trent getting into it with some huge near falls, each of which was completely believable. Trent hit Hero with a release German from the top followed by a running knee for a big near fall.  Hero hit a short piledriver for another great near fall.  Trent countered a second piledriver into a Dudebuster for another big one, then Hero hit the second piledriver after countering a hurricanrana into it, which had everyone believe the match was over.  Hero got the win when he hit a Tombstone, but not before Trent countered it into a roll up for one last near fall.  This was awesome.  This match made Trent look incredible in defeat.

Jack Evans defeated Sami Callihan

I wasn’t a fan of this at all. There was far too much messing around and it made the whole match come off as a play fight, which has become the norm for Evans in PWG.  He really isn’t good at all.  He can do some flips, but that’s about it and what he does well can come off as being very sloppy.  They both drank fans beer at ringside and pretended to be drunk.  They then had a weird fight as they both sat in chairs in the middle of the ring.  There was some okay back and forth as the match went on, but it was impossible to get into or take seriously.  Evans won after he countered a sliding forearm into a crucifix for the pin. Callihan’s shoulders weren’t even fully down for the pin. Callihan should have got the win here.

Adam Cole defeated Andrew Everett

This was a pretty good match. Nothing special, but a good solid match. This was one of Everett’s first matches back after a knee injury.  Cole tried to ground him, while Everett was able to hit all his big athletic moves.  He hit a nice dropsault, some nice hurricanrana’s and a big shooting star press to the floor. Cole turned him inside out with a superkick and went after the knee with a figure 4 at one stage.  Everett got a nice near fall with a shooting star press.  Cole won after a Panama sunrise followed by the Brainbuster onto the knee.  Another solid win for Cole in his second singles match back in PWG.

Zack Sabre Jr defeated Trevor Lee

This was an absolutely awesome pure wrestling match.  Both these guys are so insanely talented and their styles meshed so well together.  This was like a game of chess, with Sabre displaying his technical mastery. Lee was able to get technical himself too, while hitting his high impact moves and working over Sabre like a traditional heel.  Some of the counters and sequences in this were mesmerising.  There was one sequence where Sabre twisted and turned into a tiger suplex that I had to rewind it and rewatch it several times over.  There were some great near falls from both men towards the end as Lee hit things like his double stomp, the flipping cross body and an orange crush. Sabre won with some sort of hold that can only be described as an upside down abdominal stretch.  Go out of your way to see this one.

Mike Bailey defeated Evil Uno

This turned out to be one hell of a match. This was the return of Uno to PWG.  He and his Super Smash Brothers partner, Player Dos were banned from entering the United States due to visa issues.  Uno is back, but his partner is still banned.  This was a darker, villainous Uno, as he feigned a handshake to DDT Bailey, which had the crowd turn on him. These guys went all out with a billion big moves and a stack of near falls.  It was a great match if you enjoy this sort of thing.  It’s obvious that Uno wanted to make an impression in his return.  Uno hit a tombstone from the middle rope, which wasn’t even the finish.  Both guys looked great here as Bailey had to combat a guy that he didn’t know what to expect with.  Bailey got the win after a shooting star knee drop and a combo of kicks.  If you enjoy this sort of mindless craziness, you’ll love this match.

PWG World Championship

Roderick Strong defeated Drew Galloway

These two had an incredible series of matches in Evolve last year and the continued exactly where they left off.  This one started with a brawl around the building.  This was an extremely physical match as they beat the hell out of each other.  Both guys hit lots of strikes and lots of power moves. There was one funny moment when a fan called Strong mediocre.  Strong went and found the fan at the back of the building and got right in his face.  Strong looked like a machine in this when he started lifting Galloway for different moves. Galloway hit the Future Shock for a near fall.  Strong hit a gut buster, sick kick and Gibson driver combo for a near fall.  He then hit Galloway with the belt for another two count and then finished it with the End of Heartache.  This was a great main event.

After the match Strong was joined by Adam Cole.  They tried to take out Galloway, but Sabre made the save.  Cole superkicked Sabre, before he and Strong ran off.  Strong said that Sabre could have his match for the title and Sabre promised to win the belt.

This was a really good show.  There was a few things that weren’t great, but anything that was good more than made up for it.  Match of the show for me was Sabre vs Lee.


Not a boxer but a pro wrestling fan. If there’s a ring I’ll watch it, so naturally I have a lot of opinions (complaints).

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