Rev Pro – Epic Encounter – Review


Revolution Pro Wrestling presented a stacked card in Reading, England on April 16th.  Here’s what happened.

Michael Elgin defeated Ricochet

This was originally meant to be Elgin vs Will Ospreay, but Ospreay was ruled out due to an injury.  Ricochet decided to pull double duty and fill in here.  This was a hell of an opener.  The story of this match was simple.  Power vs flying, with Elgin having an answer for everything Ricochet attempted.  Elgin had the better of him for the majority of the match.  There weren’t many big near falls, but there were lots of nice counters. Ricochet countered a top rope Elgin Bomb into a hurricanrana, followed by a reverse rana and a standing shooting star press for the near fall of the match.  Ricochet countered another Elgin Bomb into a jackknife cover for another long two.  Elgin won after a big lariat before he finally hit the Elgin Bomb.  You couldn’t ask for a better opener.

Josh Bodom defeated Donovan Dijak

This was a grudge match based off a match they had in Rev Pro a few months ago.  This started with a brawl when Bodom ambushed Dijak on the stage.  They fought all over the building and through the crowd until Bodom blindsided Dijak with a chair shot.  Bodom took control until Dijak was able to come back. This was a great battle and it felt like both guys were desperate for the win. There was an incredible sequence when Dijak suplexed Bodom up some stairs, onto the stage.  Bodom then hit a Senton off the stage and threw Dijak into the ring. Before Bodom could get back inside, Dijak launched himself over the top rope with a backflip.  Bodom got a big near fall after a Project Ciampa.  Dijak hit Feast Your Eyes, but Bodom literally got a fingertip on the rope to break it. Bodom won with a second rope Bliss Buster, which is a DDT with his legs.  Bodom is a great up and comer in Rev Pro. Dijak was great here and looked like a killer when he was in control. This was a really good match.

British Tag Team Championship

Jody Fleisch & Johnny Storm defeated Sha Samuels & James Castle via DQ

This was an okay match.  The veteran team of Storm & Fleisch looked good, especially Fleisch, who pulled out plenty of risks.  Castle & Storm are polar opposites, which makes for a strange pairing. Samuels is a really good traditional heel and is very easy to hate.  Castle hit a nice doubt arm suplex into the corner on Fleisch.  Fleish was German suplexed off the top by Storm, which resulted in him hitting a moonsault on Samuels.  Fleisch then hit a moonsault off the top to the floor on Castle. Back in the ring, Samuels hit Storm with one of the tag belts to get DQ’d.  It was a screwy finish, which only makes sense if they’re building to a rematch.

Big Damo O’Connor defeated Roderick Strong

This was a huge win for Damo.  It was a pretty good match. Strong got into it with the crowd, which allowed Damo into the match. Damo looks like he is killing people when he hits things like his Senton. He hit a big cross body here too.  Strong showed off his power with an Olympic slam and a superplex. He managed to hit a gutbuster and sick kick combo for a near fall. Damo won when he hit the Ulster Plantation (One Winged Angel).

After the match Damo said he might be the best big man in the world. This brought out Michael Elgin.  They challenged each other and shook hands. That will be an incredible collision when it happens, likely in July.

Cruiserweight Championship

Pete Dunne defeated ACH

Dunne is one of the most underrated wrestlers in the UK. At 22 years old, he is on the verge of being the next breakout star from the UK. He is an incredible heel.  This was a really good, hard hitting match.  Dunne is extremely physical and just wore down ACH with holds.  There was lots of striking, with both guys coming out on top of those exchanges at different points. ACH didn’t fly around as much, which was good to see. He showed that he can wrestle a different match here.  He got a near fall after a Brainbuster. Dunne got the win after a low blow and Drop Dead, which is a pumphandle facebuster.  Dunne had a great shit eating grin on his face as he pinned ACH.

Lord Gideon Grey w/Rishi Ghosh defeated Dalton Castle

This was a pretty fun match. Grey is a really over the top comedy character with great animated facial expressions.  He and Castle worked well together. There was lots of comedy in this.  Grey cheated and took short cuts as well as other shenanigans with his manager.  There was good back and forth wrestling.  Castle had the match won, but a distraction from Ghosh allowed Grey to lock in a seated abdominal stretch for the submission win. It was a surprise to see Grey get the win, but it’s good to see Rev Pro talents gets big wins over the bigger imports.

Zack Sabre Jr & Marty Scurll defeated Matt Sydal & Ricochet

This was an incredible main event. Just so good. These guys are four of the best anywhere at the minute. Sabre & Scurll reunited their LDRS team for the first time in many years in Rev Pro. This match had technical wrestling, flying, great teamwork and lots of fun counters and near falls.  This was a joy to watch.  The story was that Sabre got annoyed any time Scurll tried any of his villainous tactics.  LDRS put together lots of great double team.  Every guy in this match brought something a bit different. The finish came when Sabre caught a Sydal Shooting Star Press and turned it into an armbar. As Sydal fought out, Scurll hit Sydal with an umbrella. Sabre didn’t see it and made Sydal submit. After the match Sabre realised what happened and walked off in disgust.  They are starting a slow build to an eventual Sabre vs Scurll title match.  This was the match of the night.

This was a good show.  Apart from the main event there were no real blow away matches.  But there was lots of good solid wrestling.

The show is available now at  You can sign up for a month for £6.

Not a boxer but a pro wrestling fan. If there’s a ring I’ll watch it, so naturally I have a lot of opinions (complaints).

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