ROH Supercard of Honor Night 2 – Review


Saturday April 2nd saw ROH deliver their second show of Wrestlemania weekend.  It saw a big feud come to a head as ROH capped off an impressive weekend.  

Jay Lethal came to the ring to address what happened the night before with Colt Cabana.  He said Cabana can’t just skip the line and get a title shot.  Lethal said there were more worthy challengers like Cheeseburger, so Lethal invited Cheeseburger to the ring for a title match.

ROH World Championship

Jay Lethal defeated Cheeseburger

This was another match of the year contender… Okay, maybe not. Lethal beat down and toyed with Burger.  Burger didn’t even mount a comeback.  After a few minutes Lethal finished it off with the Lethal Injection.

Colt Cabana then came to the ring and picked up where he left off with another great promo.  He ran down Lethal until he managed to convince Lethal to face him right now.

Colt Cabana defeated Jay Lethal

This was a short match.  The brawled on the floor.  Cabana hit several bionic elbows and locked in the Billy Goats Curse.  Lethal escaped some roll ups until he went for the Lethal Injection and was caught from behind with a cradle for Cabana to score a huge upset.  The reactions of both guys after were great.  This was a hell of a way to have Cabana taken seriously straight away.  Cabana got the win without giving away what should be a huge world title match if ROH continue to build on the great start.

ACH & Matt Sydal defeated All Night Express

This was a pretty good tag match.  It was a good fun back and forth match, but nothing hugely memorable.  ACH was fired up again and was the standout here.  He hit a huge dive on ANX.  ANX then worked over the ribs of Sydal until ACH got the tag and went crazy with a flurry of fast paced moves.  The finish saw Sydal cut off the One Night Stand.  ACH then hit the Brainbuster on Titus followed by a Shooting Star Press and 450 Splash as ACH pinned King.

Donovan Dijak w/Prince Nana defeated Will Ferrara

This was a good match with a few slip ups here and there. Joey Daddiego was on commentary and talked about how he had to take out Dijak after what he did to Truth Martini. Dijak had his ribs taped after what happened the night before.  Ferrara slapped Dijak at the bell which of course pissed off Dijak, so he flung Ferrara over the top rope with a body slam. Dijak is just such an incredible athlete and is effortlessly powerful.  Ferrara went after the ribs obviously, but wasn’t in control for too long. Dijak hit an incredible chokeslam from the top rope followed by a moonsault to the floor. He then slipped when he went for a springboard.  If you’re the sort of fan that chants “botchamania” at something like this, have a good long talk with yourself. Dijak hit a firemans carry into a spinebuster, which Ferrara kicked out of at one. Dijak got the win with Feast Your Eyes.  This was a very good match with Dijak doing a great job of selling his ribs by slowing down.

After the match Daddiego went after Dijak.  He attacked his ribs with a chair and said it wasn’t over by a long shot.

Two out of Three Falls

Bobby Fish defeated Roderick Strong

The first fall saw Fish all over Strong.  Strong was unable to get away as Fish kept coming after him.  After a brawl on the floor, Strong caught Fish with the End of Heartache by surprise and took the first fall.

The second fall saw Strong go straight after Fish and control him, just beating him down until Fish caught Strong with a School Boy to even things up.  So we had two relatively quick falls.

The third fall was a hell of a back and forth battle. Fish hit a nice exploder into the corner and an awesome moonsault! The last few minutes of this felt like a gritty battle with both guys exhausted and worn down.  There was a great exchange of strikes with Strong hitting the KO knee and Fish hitting an amazing spinning back kick as both guys went down.  The both went for their submissions finishers, but it was Fish that won after locking in the Fish Hook.  This was a big win for Fish.  This looks to have ended the feud and really giving Fish his first win in a big singles feud in ROH. Overall, this was a hell of a match.  Nothing flashy, just a great hard fought battle.

P-Dog was in the ring with a whole cast of people of all shapes and sizes.  Moose came to the ring and took them all out.  He then dived over the top rope onto everyone and continued destroying people at ringside. He speared one back in the ring and that was that.

War Machine defeated Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser

This was a good old fashioned slug fest and it was awesome.  These four guys beat the shit out of each other to the point that had you wondering would the ring withstand it.  We had Rowe slam Hanson onto Bruiser, then powerbomb Young onto him. The heels beat the hell out of Rowe until Hanson got the tag and he and Bruiser went at it like two trucks in a head on collision. Bruiser hit a big splash.  He hit a Senton off the apron. Young got in some great near falls on Rowe.  Hanson took out Bruiser with a huge suicide dive, which allowed War Machine to hit Fallout on Young to pick up the win.  If you love a good hoss battle, this is the match for you.

Dalton Castle defeated BJ Whitmer

This was a decent match, which probably went a bit too long. Castle is so over and Whitmer gets a ridiculous amount of heat, so it made for a good atmosphere. Castle almost put Whitmer through the barrier with an awesome suicide dive.  Whitmer worked over Castle for a long period of time. There was one awesome spot where Castle bridged out of a pin and floated over into a Deadlift German suplex.  Not much more to say about this other than it was a fun back and forth match.  Whitmer was distracted by The Boys and Mr Wrestling 3, which allowed Castle to hit Bangarang and get the win.

After the match Adam Page sat down beside a fallen Whitmer and cut a great promo saying that Whitmer’s obsession with Corino cost him matches, but the person he should have been worried about was him.  Page & Whitmer meet in a street fight in San Antonio and April 23rd.

Number One Contenders Match

The Briscoes defeated The Addiction, The Young Bucks & The Machine Guns

I don’t even need to say it, but this was insane.  We had The Briscoes throw Nick Jackson out of the ring with a giant biel.  Mark Briscoe ate a superkick when he went for a Cactus Jack elbow.  Kazarian turned a Doomsday Device into a Flux Capacitor. Daniels blocked a Meltzer Driver by showing Nick into a moonsault onto everyone on the floor.  Jay Briscoe ate a four way superkick from The Bucks and Guns, who then all superkicked each other at the same time. Mark Superplexed Kazarian onto everyone on the floor which left The Briscoes to finish off Daniels with Doomsday.  The Briscoes are now the number one contenders for the ROH tag titles.  This was awesome.

Stokely Hathaway and Moose then came to the ring and he announced that Moose would soon be teaming with Kazuchika Okada.

No Holds Barred

Kyle O’Reilly defeated Adam Cole

This was the perfect feud ending brawl.  These two beat the hell out of each other.  Cole jumped O’Reilly in the aisle and we were off.  Cole accidentally superkicked Mandy Leon.  Cole went after the knee with the use of a chair. The chair was in play a lot.  O’Reilly would use it to assist axe and smash and he dropped Cole back first across two chairs. Later in the match O’Reilly shrugged off several chair shots and fired up with several stiff strikes. At one point both guys had a hockey fight while seated next to each other.  The finish of this came when O’Reilly hit Cole with a Brainbuster onto a chair and the wrapped Cole up in a chain before choking him out in a triangle choke.  This was the perfect way to end this chapter of a feud that will no doubt come back to life.  These two men will follow each other and always be at odds with each other, similarly to Steen & Generico.

This was another really good show, although not as good as night one. Night one set the bar extremely high.  The main event, the Fish/Strong match and the four way tag are the must see matches.  The War Machine match was also great.

Not a boxer but a pro wrestling fan. If there’s a ring I’ll watch it, so naturally I have a lot of opinions (complaints).

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