WWN Supershow: Mercury Rising – Review

WWN Supershow

WWN Live/Evolve finished  up their Wrestlemania weekend with the WWN Supershow, which was another stacked card.

Chris Hero defeated Zack Sabre, Jr

This was great from the moment it started. Sabre went straight after Hero with uppercut after uppercut. He even blocked an uppercut from Hero. They took it out of the ring and there’s where Hero was able to take control. Sabre was able to lock in an octopus hold out on the floor. Hero was able to get out of it and get back in the ring. He went to kick Sabre and Sabre twisted the leg and brought it down to the ground and was able to get control of Hero’s left arm. Hero was then able to get control over Sabre again taking control of Sabre’s left hand and contorting Sabre’s arm around. Hero even gets his knee across Sabre’s shoulder while still working on the arm. These men just kept going after each other manipulating each other’s arms in new and disgusting fashions. Hero gets a disgusting kick to the face of sabre and then lands a senton bomb all for a one count that then leads to a kick to the back of the head and another senton bomb. Hero takes on the control of the match which sees a fired up and pissed off Hero. Sabre rebounds with freight train uppercuts. He attempts to suplex Hero which leads to a kick in the arm. Sabre hits a beautiful tornado DDT and then lands a soccer kick for a two count. These men went full throttle in how they tried to dismember each other. The crowd were also great on this one. Hero, played the part of the pissed off veteran so well. Not appreciating what Hero does in the ring is a crime. Everytime he steps in the ring he has a great match. Sabre played his role here well too. He took all of Hero’s punishment and kept rebounding with his own. Hero hit a piledriver for a two count. Hero picked up the win after various knockout elbows. This match was an incredible feat for both men. Sabre looks great in defeat in my opinion. He went step for step with Hero all the way to the end. This is a must-see match.

Hero then cut a promo about not just being the Best in the World but the Greatest of all time.

Drew Gulak defeated Fred Yehi

This was a great mat wrestling match. The story here was so well told with Yehi using everything he knew to try and win the respect of Gulak. There were a few times I thought Yehi had the match won. Gulak really tested Yehi here. Yehi is relatively new to the company as a whole but recently Yehi officially signed with WWN Live. Gulak is one of the finest in ring technicians anywhere. Gulak defeated Yehi via submission which was kind of out of nowhere in a great match.

After the match, Gulak made Yehi an official member of Catch Point. Williams then asked Riddle if he was ready for some real competition and with that, we had our next match.

Hot Sauce Tracy Williams defeated Matthew Riddle

This was insane from the get go. Riddle is another class of talent and while still protected he puts on great matches. Riddle has yet to lose cleanly in a match in WWN Live and his two matches with Williams prior to this were great too. Williams and Riddle showed what real competition is. From the knee strikes, to all the submission maneuvers that were attempted this was a real showcase of not only what Riddle is capable of but how truly talented Williams is. I feel like Williams gets left behind a lot when talk of Catch Point comes up but if this match doesn’t prove how awesome he is to you, then nothing will. The last few weeks have been an incredible breakout for him.  Here, Williams picked up a submission win via the crossface in the first clean win over Riddle in WWNlive. This was a big upset and a star making win for Williams.  Riddle’s first proper loss was used to make a star.  Great booking.

Anything Goes

Ethan Page defeated Anthony Nese

This whole match was set around Nese calling Page fat. I feel like this was taken out of the Total Divas playbook but hey, we got an Anything Goes match out of it and it was awesome. These men went to war. Page and Nese used every weapon at their disposal to try and break the other. It was a great reminder of what each man is capable of.  Page wins after a powerbomb through a ladder which was followed by a package piledriver. This match was out of control great

They then honor Terry Funk with Sabu and Mick Foley coming out and presenting a plaque. This was a really great segment that everyone needs to see.

Shine Championship

Taylor Made with Amazon Andrea and So Cal Val v Nicole Matthews

Luscious Latasha comes out and says she’s undefeated in Shine and wants a chance at the Championship but she is attacked with a boot to the face from Andrea. So Cal Val says that Taylor only signed to wrestle Ivelisse and since Ivelisse is out that it’s not going down. Trevin Adams says the the championship will be defended and announced that Nicole Matthews is the challenger.

Matthews goes straight after Taylor and holds control of the match for most of the time. Taking the fight out of the ring and even launching herself through the ropes for a tope suicida. Taylor is able to gain control from Matthews and tries to go for a kick and then raining down elbows on Matthew’s face. Matthews locks in a beautiful lion tamer and Val cause a distraction that leads to Andrea in the ring with a boot to Matthew’s face. Taylor then picks up the win.

Fatal Four Way for the FIP World Heavyweight Championship

Caleb Konley defeated Gary Jay, Jason Cade, and Maxwell Chicago

This was your typical fatal four way with way more moves than you can keep up. Each man had their moment to shine. Konley was his typical heelish self. Chicago showed off his high risk maneuvers. Jay once again got to show what an underappreciated talent he is. WWN Live really should be booking him more often. Newcomer Jason Cade really got to show off here. Cade is a huge standout in Florida. He’s a great high flyer and overall a charismatic ball of fun. Konley retained after he pinned Jay.

Evolve Championship

Timothy Thatcher defeated Sami Callihan

This was a good match. There wasn’t anything blow away about it but it was good. Callihan and Thatcher delivered blow after blow to one another in a seemingly endless match. Again, this was good but there’s not too much to write about. Callihan goes for bicycle kick after bicycle kick to drop Thatcher to no avail. They exchanged headbutts which is where Thatcher got the advantage and picked up the win via a pinfall.

Drew Gulak then comes out and says that Thatcher isn’t a real champion or something to that effect. Thatcher says that Guak may be right and leaves the Evolve Championship in the ring. The crowd chants for Matthew Riddle. Gulak picks up the championship in what is probably the most confusing segment of the show.

Six Man Tag Match

Kota Ibushi, TJP & Johnny Gargano defeated Will Ospreay, Marty Scurll & Tommy End

This was insane. So much happened in such a short amount of time. Each man got their moment to show what they could do against each competitor of the opposite team and it made for some great moments. The biggest moment in this match for me, came when Ibushi and Ospreay made it onto the rafters at the back of the building and after exchanging blows, both hit moonsaults onto the floor. They then sprinted back into the ring and went nose to nose as the crowd went insane.   Ibushi pinned Ospreay after a sit out Las Ride.  More stream issues made the end of this really hard to watch. This was an incredible main event. Each man lived up to the hype that surrounded him. It was an incredible spectacle to watch, with some amazing dream scenarios and meetings that may never happen again.

After the match, all of the men shake hands and Ibushi hugged Ospreay as Gargano closed the show with a great speech.

This was another incredible show.  Hero/ZSJ, Page/Nese and the main event are all must-see.  


I’m small, talkative and either thinking about wrestling or music. I make a lot of jokes so take what I say with a grain of salt. Ring of Honor & Evolve are my faves. I live at Florida wrestling shows on the weekends.

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