Evolve 60 – Review

Evolve 60

Evolve made their debut in Joppa, Maryland with Evolve 60. It was another great looking card from Evolve and it delivered.

Lio Rush defeated Caleb Konley

This was a great opening match. Rush is basically a hometown boy since he has made his name in Maryland. This was Konleys first outing since the disbandment of The Premier Athlete Brand. It was great to see Konley in a position where he can throw someone around a little more easier. Konley put together some great combinations of moved.  Rush wouldn’t stay down though. He hit a beautiful 450 to pick up the win. This was awesome, I wasn’t sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised by this.

The Bravado Brothers defeated Devastation Corporation

This was the Evolve debut for the Devastation Corporation. This was a good tag team match. DevCorp are more of a throwback team, almost like The Road Warriors or Demolition, to me and they meshed well against the Bravados. I really enjoyed this. There wasn’t too many frills and basically they kept to the mat. There was a huge flip over the turnbuckle from McMassive where he wiped out his tag partner and then the Bravados hit the gentlemen’s agreement to pick up the win.

Matt Riddle defeated Anthony Nese

This was a great match. It’s pretty easy to overlook Nese in the greatness that is the Evolve roster but the man is so talented. Riddle has improved so much in such a short amount of time. He has become more than an MMA guy.  He has improved his all round game. These men brought out the best in each other here. Nese did great at getting out of submissions and using his strength to overpower Riddle. Riddle picked up the win via a cross armbreaker submission. This was great.

Johnny Gargano defeated Marty Scurll

We knew this was going to be great. The question was how great. It blew all my expectations out of the water. Scurll is a great character and playing to Gargano suited him well. The heel and babyface roles were pretty distinctive. This was a fantastic, technically sound match. Scurll targeted an arm in preparation for the Chicken Wing.  They went back and forth as they escaped each other’s submission finishers.  This was just and outstanding, traditional wrestling match and was a joy to watch. Gargano picked up the submission victory with the Garga-No Escape.

Drew Galloway defeated Ethan Page

This match stemmed from the last Evolve weekend, where Galloway turned on Gargano and Page made the save to prove he was a changed man.  This was a hell of a fight, with lots of intensity. Galloway brought out a fire in Page here.  The crowd weren’t particularly into Page, but he wrestled this like a great fiery babyface, especially when he had to make a comeback on Galloway.  Galloway as usual was extremely physical as they brawled.  To establish Galloway as the heel, he won when he hit a low blow and nailed the Future Shock DDT.

Evolve Tag Team Championship

Drew Gulak & Tracy Williams defeated TJP & Fred Yehi

This was an all Catch Point tag title match and a preview of the Cruiserweight Classic qualifiers the following night.  This was a superb, clean wrestling match with a bit of everything.  Williams & Gulak as the regular team, used lots of double team to single out both guys. Gulak brought the mat skill. Williams brought some physicality and hard hitting. TJP brought his fast paced blend of flying and technical skill, while Yehi unloaded with suplexes.  This was great to watch.  Gulak got the submission win when he snapped on a Dragon Sleeper.

Chris Hero defeated Zack Sabre Jr

This was awesome. One of the best matches in Evolve this year and one of the best matches these two have ever had.  This was a war and the intensity of it was insane.  Both guys looked amazing here as they went back and forth, dishing out all sorts of abuse.  Hero targeted an arm of Sabre, but that backfired as Sabre went after both of Hero’s arms. Hero brought the big strikes and they traded near falls and false finishes as Sabre went after submission holds and Hero kept on Sabre with strikes.  Hero hit a vile looking piledriver when he countered a Sabre hold into one from an awkward position. A snap piledriver gave a great near fall. Hero eventually put Sabre away when he hit a Tombstone to beat again beat Sabre.  This is a match that you absolutely have to see and is worth the price of the show alone. Just an incredible professional wrestling match from two of the best on the planet right now.

This was a really great show.  The last three matches were all great and everything else was top quality.


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