Match of the Month – April 2016

April saw a crazy Wrestlemania weekend and one of the best NJPW shows of the last several years.  Here are our picks for the match of the month:

Matthew Macklin

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Sami Zayn – NXT Takeover: Dallas

This was a dream match that lived up to the hype and one of the all time great WWE debuts.  This is the match you show to someone when you need to explain to them why pro wrestling is great.  This was a spectacle by two of the best performers on earth and a match that will be hard to top when it comes to ranking the match of the year.  This is one of my all time favourite matches.


Honourable Mentions:

Zack Sabre Jr vs Will Ospreay – Evolve 58

Tetsuya Naito vs Kazuchika Okada – NJPW Invasion Attack

KUSHIDA vs Will Ospreay – NJPW Invasion Attack

Jay Lethal vs Lio Rush – ROH Supercard of Honor

Charlotte vs Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks – Wrestlemania 32

Pete Dunne & Luther Ward vs Ryan Smile & Will Ospreay – OTT Better Than Our Best


Mark Anthony

Aja Kong vs Meiko Satomura, Sendai Girls 4/8/16 TV Taping: Just an all out war, two vets giving it their absolute all and kicking each other’s asses and I loved every second of it. I’ve seen A LOT of wrestling in April but nothing compared to how much I enjoyed this match. If you haven’t watched this I suggest you seek it out.

Honourable Mentions:

Will Ospreay vs Zack Sabre Jr, Evolve 58

Marty Scurll, Will Ospreay & Tommy End vs Kota Ibushi, Johnny Gargano & TJ Perkins, WWN Mercury Rising

Tetsuya Naito vs Kazuchika Okada, NJPW Invasion Attack

Kyle O’Reilly vs Adam Cole, ROH Supercard of Honor night 2

Chris Hero vs Zack Sabre Jr – WWN Mercury Rising


Mark Osborne

Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura — NXT TakeOver: Dallas

I’ll put the disclaimer on that while I watched a ton of wrestling over Mania weekend, I also missed a ton. But it’s hard to match the intensity, atmosphere and drama surrounding Zayn vs. Nakamura. It was surreal from start to finish as Nakamura debuted in NXT and pulled a performance out of Zayn that was like nothing we’ve seen in his WWE career. He had to match the viciousness and relentlessness of Nakamura, and he crushed it. My expectations for this one were sky high, and somehow Zayn and Nakamura still exceeded them. On a card that will be a top competitor for Show of the Year, this was the one that stole the show.

Honorable Mention:

Asuka vs. Bayley — NXT TakeOver: Dallas

Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor — NXT TakeOver: Dallas

Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch — Wrestlemania 32

Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Will Ospreay — Evolve 58

Ricochet vs. Will Ospreay — Evolve 59

Kota Ibushi/Johnny Gargano/TJ Perkins vs. Tommy End/Will Ospreay/Marty Scurll — WWN Supershow: Mercury Rising


Not a boxer but a pro wrestling fan. If there’s a ring I’ll watch it, so naturally I have a lot of opinions (complaints).

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