NXT TV, May 4, 2016 – Review – Eric Young Debuts

NXT returned to Full Sail this week for a really good show featuring the debut of Eric Young.  

NXT opened up with new champion Eric Young being interrupted by the debit ugh Eric Young.  The pop EY got was one of shock and the crowd took to him straight away.  EY has done an incredible job over the last few years of getting himself away from the comedy role that he had been stuck in for most of his career.  This is his first time doing this crazy guy gimmick as a babyface. EY said he collected championships. Joe said EY didn’t belong in the same ring as him. This was good and completely surreal.  2016 continues to be the wackiest wrestling year ever.


Nia Jax defeated Tessa Blanchard

Jax demolished Blanchard here. Jax looked really good.  Her entrance has been tweaked a bit and she looked like a machine as she presumably gets set to face Asuka very soon.


Austin Aries defeated Tye Dillinger

This was great and by far the best Aries has looked in NXT.  This match had a lot of energy about it.  Dillinger is so over and his entrance was shot differently.  This was just a great back and forth match.  Both guys were so smooth and brought the best out in each other.  Aries hit a nice corkscrew over the top.  Dillinger countered a running dropkick and hit an Ushigoroshi for a big near fall.  As he pulled down his knee pad, Aries caught him with a rolling elbow, running dropkick and a 450 Splash. Aries has always been known for putting together combos of moves. The 450 is a much better finisher than the rolling elbow.  Hopefully he uses the Last Chancery too.


The Revival defeated The Hype Bros

This was a tag team clinic from Dash & Dawson.  They are so good, it’s ridiculous.  They beat the hell out of Ryder with some incredible fluid tag work.  Rawley got the tag and within a few seconds he ate a Shatter Machine and the match was over.  This was great.  The Revival looked unstoppable here.  They’ve looked even better since losing the titles than they did when they had them.


Alex Riley was interviewed about his match with Shinsuke Nakamura next week.  He said he would rage.

No Way Jose defeated Tribal Tattooed Jobber

The Full Sail crowd have Jose a lot more energy and more to work with than the crowd in Dallas.  This was fun. Jose danced his way through the match until he was punched, which pissed him off.  He flattened the jobber with a big right hand and a sloppy full nelson slam to win the match.


Austin Aries cut a good promo backstage and said it might take a bit more initiative to get to the top of NXT.  He then ate a banana.

Samoa Joe defeated Eric Young

This was a really good main event.  The story was that Joe kept beating down EY, with EY refusing to quit.  EY came back and hit lots of nice right hands.  Joe looked incredible yet again.  EY hit a big elbow drop for a good near fall and even teased going for a Piledriver.  Joe won after hitting the ST-Joe and a Muscle Buster before choking him out.  This was a good showing for Young.  This could be his one and only showing in NXT.  NXT really doesn’t need to turn into a place for TNA cast offs.


This was the best episode of NXT in weeks.  It had some energy about it and things felt like they mattered.


Not a boxer but a pro wrestling fan. If there’s a ring I’ll watch it, so naturally I have a lot of opinions (complaints).

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