PWG All Star Weekend 12 Night 1 – Review

PWG returned for another All Star Weekend with Night One taking place on March 4th in Reseda, California.  As usual it was a stacked card with some of the finest independent wrestling talent in the world.

Chuck Taylor defeated Trevor Lee

This was a fun opener and another big upset win for Taylor to continue his PWG winning streak.  There was some comedy in the early going with both guys brawling around the announce table and getting in on commentary. Lee played such a great heel and used lots of shortcuts and tricks to get the upper hand on Taylor. Taylor has become such a great underdog in PWG, almost like a cross between Toru Yano & Tomoaki Honma. Taylor won when he countered a small package driver into a small package to get the pin.

Taylor vs Lee

Chris Hero defeated Evil Uno

A pretty good match here. They were goofing around with chairs and it looked like Uno was going to playfully challenge Hero to a staring contest, but he misted Hero to take control of the match. Uno controlled the majority of this with Hero on defence, kicking out and trying to survive. This continued until Hero got pissed off at Uno using his piledriver and elbows on him. This led to Hero delivering a series of elbow strikes to get the pin. This was good, but not as good as either mans match at last months show.

Hero vs Uno

Trent defeated Drew Galloway

After what was considered a breakout performance against Chris Hero at Bowie the previous month, PWG were looking to capitalise on that here as Trent was positioned as the babyface in peril and the underdog here against Galloway. This was another fantastic match and another great babyface performance from Trent. Galloway floored him with a headbutt and took control of the match, where Galloway dished out an incredible beating. Trent got back into it with a belly to belly from the top, but Galloway then hit Trent with a belly to belly on the floor. Trent did all he could to survive and delivered a defiant slap to Galloway before Galloway delivered a series of buckle bombs. He went for a piledriver, but Trent countered into the Dudebuster to steal the win.  Trent is one of the most underrated wrestlers around today.

Trent vs Galloway

Roderick Strong defeated Mark Andrews

This was a good match that almost fell apart when Andrews was seemingly knocked out, but they recovered it well. Strong beat down and tossed Andrews around.  Andrews came back with lots of lightning quick wheelbarrow moves, rana’s and an awesome tornado DDT. Andrews was dropped on the apron with a backdrop. Strong tossed him up in the air for a gutbuster, but Andrews seemed to land on his head and looked like he was out of it for a few minutes. Strong hit End of Heartache and pulled Andrews out of the pin. He went for a Sabre armbar, but Andrews almost caught him with a pin. There was a small bit of back and forth, but Andrews still seemed out of it. Strong won with a second End of Heartache as he moves on to defend his title against Zack Sabre Jr the next night.

Strong vs Andrews

Kyle O’Reilly defeated Marty Scurll

This match was absolutely amazing. Just a superb technical wrestling match and the perfect return to PWG or Kyle in his first singles match back. Early in the match he worked over the leg if Scurll and attempted ankle locks. Scurll went for an arm and teased the chicken wing. There was one amazing exchange of strikes in the middle of this with both guys lunging at each other with lariats, ending with both guys going down after stiff slaps. Scurll mounted Kyle and delivered repeated elbows. Kyle delivered repeated boots and knees as they went back and forth as neither got the advantage. Scurll locked in a chicken wing and the crowd were sure it was over, as were the commentators. Scurll kicked out of a Brainbuster, then Kyle transitioned into an ankle lock to get the submission win. This was incredible and worth seeking out. Especially if you have never seen Scurll before. He’s one of the best on the indie scene at the minute.

O'Reilly vs Scurll

Zack Sabre Jr defeated Adam Cole

This was another great match. The story surrounding this was that Cole had a chance to soften up Sabre for his Mount Rushmore buddy, Roderick Strong.  Cole spent the match going after the knee of Sabre and he did it brilliantly. He used holds, superkick, dropped him knees first on the apron. Sabre came back with flash pin attempts and by tying Cole in knots. He hit some really hard uppercuts and kicks too. Cole began getting frustrated when he couldn’t beat Sabre after he hit the Florida Key. Strong appeared and almost cost Sabre the match, but Sabre kicked out of a roll up. The finish came when Sabre hit a PK and made Cole submit to a Strong Hold right in front of the champion. This was a great match and it did a great job of building to a title match that has been several months in the making.

Sabre vs Cole

PWG World Tag Team Championship

The Young Bucks defeated Ricochet & Matt Sydal

This was a spectacular, aerial main event. You know what to expect from teams like this. It had flying, crazy double team, superkicks, near falls and big dives. Sydal & Ricochet were the IWGP Jr tag champions at the time and had just won them from The Bucks in NJPW.  The Bucks pulled out some new double team moves here. Sydal was very aggressive.  Ricochet hit a corner dive where he flew half way up the aisle. The finish of this had far too much action to keep up with. The Bucks used a can of spray and almost stole the win. Ricochet caught Nick in mid air when he attempted a Meltzer Driver. Sydal & Ricochet went for the stereo shooting stars, but both Bucks got their knees up leading to a flurry of superkicks and a Meltzer Driver to win the match.


After the match Mount Rushmore attacked everyone and Strong said he wants to do it alone and end Sabre tomorrow night.

This show was awesome. Every single match was at least really good. Several matches are must-see, particularly O’Reilly/Scurll & the main event.


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