PWG All Star Weekend 12 Night 2 – Review

Night 2 of the 12th PWG All Star Weekend provided several top class matches and a main event 6 months in the making.  The show took place in Reseda, California on March 5th.

Chuck Taylor defeated Marty Scurll

This was a very good match that kept the streak alive for Chuck Taylor. The problem with Taylor sometimes is that even though he can be really good in the ring he can come across as a guy that’s playing a pro wrestler as opposed to being one. It was a fun back and forth match with Scurll pulling out his villainous tricks and Taylor pulling out moves you normally wouldn’t see from him. There were some good false finishes at the end with Taylor escaping a Chicken Wing, Scurll escaping the Awful Waffle. Taylor won when he eventually hit a superkick and then the Awful Waffle.

Scurll vs Taylor

Mark Andrews defeated Evil Uno

This was a really hard fought win for Andrews. The story of the match was Uno using low blows, crotching Andrews, biting him, until it caught up to him in the end. Uno was in control for the most of the match, using some sort of short cut to cut off Andrews any time he began to build momentum.  Uno hit a lot of big moves including a huge piledriver, but Andrews wouldn’t stay down. The finish came when Andrews got his revenge with a double stomp low blow and a shooting star press to pick up his first win in PWG.

Andrews vs Uno

Trevor Lee defeated Drew Galloway

This was a good hard hitting match. Lee started the match by saying he and Galloway were better than everyone because they were TNA superstars. This set off Galloway who beat the hell out of Lee all over the building. He threw him into a wall and unloaded with a stack of belly to belly suplexes. Lee was able to take control when he’s trapped Galloway in the ring apron. Lee pissed off Galloway again by saying that he was his bitch.  The last few minutes saw Lee do all he could to survive Galloway and escape. He kicked out of a Tombstone. Lee stole the win with a small package.

Lee vs Galloway

Ricochet & Matt Sydal defeated Death By Elbow (JT Dunn & Chris Hero)

This match was awesome. Death By Elbow couldn’t have had a better debut as a team. Dunn & Hero have teamed mainly in Beyond Wrestling and with Tommy End out with an injury, Hero brought Dunn in to be his partner here. Dunn had a hell of a debut showing.  These guys went all out and left it all in the ring. Dunn & Hero obviously brought the strikes and we got some incredible flying from Sydal, and particularly Ricochet. There were so many times where it looked like Hero & Dunn had the match won, after they hit serval elbows and combos of moves, but the pin was always broken up. Dunn got to survive some attacks on his own after Hero was taken out with a DDT on the floor, before he eventually fell to a Benydriller from Ricochet. This is a match that’s worth going out of your way to see.


Trent defeated Adam Cole

Yet another great Trent match and a huge upset win over Adam Cole. This was really well done, again playing up the resiliency of Trent.  He was jumped before the bell and from there played the babyface in peril yet again. Cole is so great as a heel and comes across as so unbelievably smug and obnoxious, while trying to keep his cool and not show frustration when he can’t put Trent away. Trent pulled out a crossface and sharpshooter, to try and catch Cole off guard. Cole hit a package piledriver on the apron and when Trent made it back in at 19, he superkicked him for a great near fall. Trent hit the Dudebuster, but Cole literally got a fingertip on the bottom rope.  Cole hit a Panama Sunrise off the top rope, which really has to be seen to be believed. He went for the pin, but Trent surprised him with a pin to steal a huge win over Cole, who hasn’t been beaten since returning to PWG.  This was so well booked and did a great job of continuing to build Trent as a great underdog babyface in PWG.

Cole vs Trent

PWG World Tag Team Championship

The Young Bucks defeated ReDRagon

This was another incredible match in the classic Bucks vs ReDRagon series. These teams have had some of the best tag matches of the last few years in ROH and have also tore it up in NJPW.  This was their first meeting in PWG and it delivered. They went all out with everything they had. There were so many big near falls.  The Bucks hit a million superkicks and also took plenty of shortcuts. ReDRagon played the wrestling machines against the villainous Bucks.  ReDRagon kept coming back for more. At one point, despite knowing the outcome of this match before I watched it, I began doubting myself when I was sure O’Reilly was going to make Matt tap as Fish held off Nick. The Bucks used spray cans again at times to take the advantage. The finish saw The Bucks superkick both guys until they couldn’t take it any more and finished Fish off with More Bang For Your Buck. This was a dominant win for The Bucks, who will probably hold these titles from now until the end of time.  This is another match that you should go out of your way to see.

Bucks vs reDRagon

PWG World Championship

Zack Sabre Jr defeated Roderick Strong

This was a great main event with a big fight feel surrounding it. Sabre challenged Strong for the title one year ago in a classic, and has been after this rematch since he won the Battle of Los Angeles in August. Strong had dodged him at every turn, so this match has been months in the making and had huge anticipation. The match wasn’t as good as their previous two matches in PWG & Evolve, but it was still excellent and the feel good moment of Sabre winning the title made up for it. This match was very long too and was wrestled at a slower pace. Strong targeted the ribs and back of Sabre after dropping him face first on the apron. Sabre went after the legs of Strong, which was a deviation from his usual game plan of attacking the arm.  There were lots of hard shots, lots of submissions and big bursts of offence from both guys. Sabre had some incredible counters and transitions. Strong hit lots of big power moves and put a beating on Sabre. Sabre kicked out of the End of Heartache.  The finish came when Sabre tied Strong in knots, twisting the leg he had worked over to finally make Strong tap out.  The pop when Sabre won was incredible and had the building shaking.

Sabre 2

After the match Sabre celebrated in the crowd. He then thanked the fans, put over Strong and celebrated with the other British wrestlers. This win has been a long time coming for Sabre.  PWG built to this moment and it certainly paid off.  If you’re a fan of Zack Sabre Jr, this is a show you really can’t miss

Overall this show was excellent. There were several great matches, both singles and tags, and a huge climactic feel good moment.

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