ROH/NJPW War of the Worlds 2016 – Dearborn – Review

ROH & NJPW War of the World’s, Dearborn, Michigan, May 9th:


The show opened with Bullet Club coming to the ring, as Matt Jackson introduced Adam Cole as the newest member.  They said the chaos wasn’t over and went after Bobby Cruise.  The Briscoes interrupted and said they didn’t post crap on the Internet, they got in the ring every night and proved what they were.  The Motor City Machine Guns got involved.  They got a huge reaction in their home town. Chris Sabin proposed they scrap the schedules MCMG vs Briscoes match and challenged Bullet Club. Adam Page stepped up and said he would join team ROH for the match.  BC backed off and said they’d only do it in the main event.

ACH & Matt Sydal defeated Beer City Bruiser & Silas Young

This was a really hot match.  The crowd were really into this and ACH was so over with the crowd.  This was designed to put ACH over in a big way.  Sydal was worked over, with Bruiser looking really good. He hit a great Liger bomb. ACH got the hot tag and looked sensational. The crowd went crazy for ACH’s offence.  Sydal was taken out on the floor by Bruiser, leaving ACH on his own. Bruiser & Silas hit a double team combo in the corner with a devastating cannonball from Bruiser finishing it off.  ACH fought them both off and hit a sunset bomb and 450 to beat Bruiser.  ACH practically won a handicap match here at the end.  After the match he said he didn’t need Sydal to hold his hand anymore and said they should go their separate ways.  Hopefully this is the start of a big push for ACH. He has been one of the most over guys in ROH for a long time and consistently delivers in the ring.

Roderick Strong defeated Lio Rush

What a match this was.  So good. This was originally meant to be Strong vs Liger, but Rush took his place after Liger was injured at Global Wars. Lio Rush stepped up. Strong beat the holy hell out of Rush. Outside the ring, inside the ring, backbreakers, power moves, you name it.  Rush did all he could to survive and slowly got into the match and made some explosive comebacks.  His speed and the precision of his kicks are scary. He hit a huge dive over the top rope and landed on his feet.  Strong hit a superplex and went for a gutbuster, that was turned into a reverse rana that dropped Strong on his head and a Frog Splash for the near fall of the match. Rush somehow countered a sick kick into a Guillotine choke. He did it that quickly, that it’s impossible to describe. Strong countered the choke into End of Heartache to pick up the win. Strong is at a loose end in ROH at the minute after doing almost everything he can. NJPW really need to bring him in as a regular and give him something fresh to do because he is one of the finest in the world at the minute. This as another amazing showing from the rookie Rush.

After the match Liger came out and hit Strong with a palm strike.

ROH World Tag Team Championship

War Machine defeated Gedo & Kazuchika Okada

Before the match Ray Rowe said War Machine wanted to defend the titles, so this was officially made a tag title match.

Liger was on commentary and played cheerleader for Okada & Gedo, which was pretty funny. This was a really good back and forth tag match.  Both teams looked great and got in all their big moves.  The crowd were really behind Okada & Gedo taking the tag titles. War Machine put together lots of double team as they singled out Gedo.  Okada got the tag and went back and forth with Rowe.  Hanson hit some huge power moves on Gedo, almost flattening him with a reverse power slam.  Okada was able to take out Rowe with a Rainmaker, which allowed Hanson to hit Gedo with a spin kick to pin him and retain. This was really good.

After the match The Addiction showed up and said they were owed a tag title match. Kazarian called War Machine ZZ Flop. Hanson said they could have a match in NYC on Saturday. Then Rowe took the mic and said they’d do it later tonight. The commentators played up that Rowe was out of it and not thinking straight.

KUSHIDA defeated Dalton Castle

This was another really good match. Castle hit a variety of suplexes that impressed Liger on commentary. He controlled KUSHIDA until he came back and started to work over the arm of Castle. The Boys got taken out with a KUSHIDA dive. The story was that Castle couldn’t hit his German suplex because of the damage to the arm. Castle had been catching KUSHIDA with right hands throughout the match until KUSHIDA floored him with one later on. KUSHIDA scored the pin with an amazing counter to Bangarang, rolling up Castle to pick up the win.

Hiroshi Tanahashi & Michael Elgin defeated The All Night Express

This was just an exhibition for Tanahashi & Elgin. It was fine for what it was, but it was a bit sloppy and clunky at times. Tanahashi was worked over briefly until Elgin got the tag. He was able to hit a double German suplex on ANX at one stage. There was some decent back and forth at the end. It all ended when Elgin powerbombed Titus into King. Tanahashi & Elgin then both hit High Fly Flow on Titus to pick up the win.

Tomohiro Ishii defeated Moose

This was a war and probably the best match Moose has ever had. Ishii was almost a foot shorter than Moose, so he had to fight from underneath and chop Moose down. Ishii threw everything at Moose. Chops, headbutts, lariats. He hit a big suplex and a superplex. Moose hit a dropkick when Ishii was on the top turnbuckle. Moose hit some really hard clotheslines and at one stage suplexed Ishii into the corner. He hit a Baldo Bomb which Ishii sold like he was really hurt. There was an awesome sequence at the end with Ishii hitting a German suplex, but Moose popped up, so Ishii hit another. He followed it up with headbutts and lariats until he was able to hit a delayed Brainbuster to get the win. The sight of the Brainbuster at the end was amazing. Ishii continues to be the wrestler of the year, here taking Moose to the best match of his career and he could very well have earned Moose a trip back to Japan.

ROH World Tag Team Championship

The Addiction defeated War Machine

Whatever about the decision to have the The Addiction, the team that were beaten by Cheeseburger dethrone the mighty War Machine the night after they got their decisive win over The Briscoes. ROH wanted to get the titles off War Machine for whatever reason, and this was the best way they could do it without making War Machine look weak.

War Machine dominated this and looked like killers. The destroyed The Addiction for several minutes until Kazarian hit Rowe with a title belt, which he kicked out of. Kazarian got involved again and dropped Rowe with a belt of bullets from Daniels entrance gear, allowing Daniels to pin Rowe. They played up that War Machine had take on too many title defences in two days. There probably wasn’t another way to have had this title change happen without making War Machine look weak.

ReDRagon defeated Jay Lethal & Tetsuya Naito

This was an outstanding tag match. Lethal & Naito aligned in New Japan back in February. It was also cool seeing the ROH champion and the IWGP champion on the one team. ReDRagon worked the arm of Lethal for a time. Lethal & Naito then singled out O’Reilly. Fish got the tag and was really explosive.  There was lots of great back and forth at the end. Lethal hit a series of suicide dives on ReDRagon. The sequence of the match saw O’Reilly go for the Nigel lariat. As he did, Lethal went for the Lethal Injection, which Kyle countered into an armbar. Lethal almost superkicked Naito, which led to tossing Lethal down and giving up on the team. ReDRagon hit Chasing The Dragon with O’Reilly pinning the ROH champion. This was a major win for O’Reilly and he should be due a title shot after that. Naito walked out on Lethal after the match like only Naito can.

The Young Bucks, Adam Cole, Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa (Bullet Club) defeated The Briscoes, Motor City Machine Guns & Colt Cabana

Adam Page’s music hit, but he didn’t appear.  Colt Cabana showed up to save team ROH from BC to a huge pop. This match was insane and there is no way to recap it. It was an awesome main event.  We had The Briscoes going at it with GOD. The Bucks & MCMG went back and forth. Cabana was out for revenge on everyone. This all broke down after the ref was knocked out.  Bullet Club started beating everyone down, and were hitting superkicks on everyone. Adam Page showed up to save, but low blowed Jay Briscoe. He hit Right of Passage on Jay Briscoe onto a table, which didn’t break. It looked nasty.  A triple superkick then finished off Mark Briscoe. The beatdown continued after the match and Bullet Club left through the crowd.

This was an amazing main event.  Bullet Club looked more dominant here than they did at the PPV. This match had a really gritty feel to it and BC came across like a group of guys that couldn’t care less about anything. They were the most over act on this show, so I have no idea why people think the group is past it.  Page is a surprising choice to join the group, so we’ll have to let it play out. It’s a huge opportunity for a guy that hasn’t had much direction in ROH as of late.

This show was excellent and better than the Global Wars PPV.

Not a boxer but a pro wrestling fan. If there’s a ring I’ll watch it, so naturally I have a lot of opinions (complaints).

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