ROH/NJPW War of the Worlds 2016, NYC – Review


ROH/NJPW War of the Worlds, Terminal 5, NYC, May 14th

ReDRagon defeated All Night Express

This was a fun opener. You can never go wrong with a ReDRagon tag match. This is one of the better matches ANX have had since they came back. ANX had megaphones with them, which didn’t seem to work. There was a nice sequence at the end with King catching Fish’s leg when he went for Chasing The Dragon. The finish came when ReDRagon connected with Chasing The Dragon on Titus.

Dalton Castle defeated Lio Rush, Michael Elgin & Moose

This was great! This was an incredible action packed match between four completely different wrestlers. Bobby Fish was on commentary and put over what a threat Castle was to his title.  Everyone had a chance to look great here. Castle hit deadlift suplexes on everyone, getting a huge reaction when he picked up Elgin & Moose. Rush tore it up here and showed off his spectacular speed and athleticism. He hit lots of big dives and had a great exchange with Moose, where the size difference was crazy. Moose was really over with the crowd when he was on the attack. Elgin hit a buckle bomb on Moose. Moose bounced out of the corner and hit a Spear.  This allowed Castle to counter Rush Hour into Bangarang and pin Rush. Such a great, unique match that will probably never be seen again.

KUSHIDA defeated Silas Young

This was really good. Young was a very different opponent for KUSHIDA and it gave us a great match. Young is such a great old school heel and he was great here as he beat down KUSHIDA. Young had a great showing as he got lots of near falls after his Backbreaker/clothesline combo and a DDT into the corner. Young did all he could to block the Hoverboard lock throughout the match, but once Young missed his moonsault, KUSHIDA was able to lock it in for a submission win.

The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Gedo & Beretta

Gedo replaced the injured Rocky Romero, who sat in on commentary. This was a really fun match with lots of comedy. Romero got involved a few times and hit the forever clotheslines. Gedo & Beretta argued. The Guns were having fun with this one. Beretta & Gedo went for Strong Zero, whine backfired. The Guns picked up the win when they hit Gedo with Skull & Bones. After the match CHAOS argued again, but then hugged it out.  The Guns then did the same.

The Briscoes & Jushin Thunder Liger defeated Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa & Adam Page

This was another great match.  We got to see the new Bullet Club team and they were really over with the crowd when they came out. This match was given plenty of time and everyone, especially BC looked really good. Loa looked like a badass as he is starting to be positioned as the muscle of BC. Tonga looked good and had some nice exchanges with Mark. There were dives to the floor from Jay, Liger and a shooting star from the apron from Page. BC put together some triple team. GOD and The Briscoes went back and forth. Liger hit a powerbomb on Tonga to set up Mark, who hit Froggy Bow to get a pinfall win over one half of the IWGP tag champions. It looks like The Briscoes will be challenging GOD very soon, maybe even as soon as Dominion.

BJ Whitmer attempted to speak, but the crowd were all over him to the point where he could barely get a word out. It led to Steve Corino coming out with Whitmer backing off as Whitmer had been teasing him about some videos he has of his family. They will finally have a match at Best in the World.

Donovan Dijak w/Prince Nana defeated Cedric Alexander

This was an excellent match and such a shame that it was Alexander’s last in ROH because he looked incredible here. This was a hell of a back and forth match and Alexander was really over with the crowd. He was so explosive and crisp with everything he did and he got in some huge near falls that the crowd fell for. He hit a Brainbuster and Dijak kicked out of the Lumbar Check. Dijak caught Alexander on the top rope and hit a chokeslam across the knee. Alexander countered Feast Your Eyes into a pin for another big near fall. Dijak won after a rolling boot and after finally hitting Feast Your Eyes. This was great. Alexander could have been so much more in ROH, but it just didn’t happen. Nothing to say he won’t be back at some stage though. Dijak is still being presented as a heel despite it looking like he would be turning babyface after breaking away from Jay Lethal.

ROH World Tag Team Championship

War Machine defeated The Addiction via DQ

This wasn’t much of a match. It barely got going before there was a ref bump.  Hanson hit Daniels with one of the belts, but Kazarian made the save. War Machine hit Fallout, but Daniels used the other belt to cause a DQ. After the match War Machine beat down and chased off The Addiction. This was obviously done to keep War Machine strong, but it could have been better.

Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Matt Sydal

Another good match here between these two veterans and one of the better matches Tanahashi has ever had in ROH.  Tanahashi went after the back of Sydal. Sydal had a great showing against the ace of NJPW. Both guys are so good and can have a good match in their sleep. The finishing sequence was really good with Tanahashi missing a High Fly Flow. He then got his knees up to block a Shooting Star Press. Sydal then countered a Slingblade into a knee. Tanahashi then connected with the Slingblade and finished Sydal with the High Fly Flow.

Tetsuya Naito defeated ACH

This was awesome! ACH had an amazing showing against the IWGP champion. Naito’s charisma was off the charts here and the crowd went nuts for him. ACH was such a great opponent for him. ACH put together some incredible combos of moves. He hit a huge dive over the top. He got an amazing near fall after a deadlift Brainbuster. Naito hit a nasty looking rolling kick. ACH blocked Destino, which got a huge reaction. Naito then hit a spinebuster and finished ACH off with Destino. After the match Naito attacked the referee and stood on the IWGP belt. This is a match worth going out of your way for. It was Naito at his best and another great showing from ACH, who has been quietly having an amazing year in ROH. This was fantastic.

Roderick Strong & Jay Lethal defeated Tomohiro Ishii & Kazuchika Okada and Adam Cole & Matt Jackson

This was an incredible main event.  Too much action to recap, but Strong went after Ishii in revenge for him taking the TV title from him. Cole & Jackson had mockery down to a fine art.  We got Okada doing “suck it’s” and an “Okada Baybay”. Ishii did his best to go through Bullet Club on his own, and he almost did. Okada & Lethal had a great face off in the middle of this.  Okada countered a Lethal Injection and hit a Tombstone. The finishing sequence of this was mind blowing and worth buying the show for alone. It all ended with Strong putting Ishii down with several knee strikes. It was great to see the ROH side finish this out with a win and it was nice to see Strong get a big win too as he has been floating around aimlessly as of late. This match was awesome.

This was a great show. Other than one or two matches, everything on this was really good. Absolutely worth buying the VOD at


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