NXT Takeover: The End – Preview


NXT Takeover: The End Comes to us this Wednesday night.  It’s the first Takeover since the blow away show in Dallas over Wrestlemania weekend and there is a lot of mystery surrounding what the name of the event means, especially with the WWE draft coming up next month. Could this mean the end of NXT as we know it? Who knows. But if you think NXT is going away, you’re absolutely crazy. It’s not happening. “The End” is likely referring to the feud ending cage match.

NXT Tag Team Championship

American Alpha vs The Revival

It was an incredible moment and an amazing match when American Alpha won the titles in Dallas. Since then The Revival have been on a rampage and are on a mission to get their titles back. However, they did lose to Ciampa & Gargano last week, so they could be in line to face the winners of this. This match will likely be even better than the last as The Revival will be even more aggressive than before. There’s no way AA lose the titles here.

Andrade “Cien” Almas vs Tye Dillinger

Here we have the NXT TV debut of the former La Sombra. A spectacular high flyer signed from CMLL and a former IWGP Intercontinental champion in NJPW. If you’ve never seen his matches with Shinsuke Nakamura, go and look them up. Almas has been wrestling on NXT live events for a while, so he has likely adapted to the WWE style. He has a chance to blow people away here and Dillinger is a great guy to help him get there.

NXT Women’s Championship

Asuka vs Nia Jax

This has the makings of a colossal collision. Jax has been built up strongly recently, including a dominant win over former champion Bayley. The story is that Jax has grown since her first title opportunity against Bayley in December. Asuka comes across like a killer, so this feels like a clash of titans. Asuka is one of the best females wrestlers in the world and has a chance to help bring the best out in Jax and deliver something really special. Asuka needs to keep the title here, however if Jax beat Asuka cleanly, she’d be unstoppable in NXT.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Austin Aries

Nakamura’s debut in Dallas might have been the greatest debut in pro wrestling history. Since then he has slowly been introduced and has been oozing charisma with everything he does. Aries on the other hand was completely overshadowed by Nakamura and has yet to find his place in NXT. His promos have been great and the heelisness he has shown towards Nakamura is where his future in NXT will hopefully lie. He’s great as an obnoxious, cocky heel. This match has the potential to be outstanding. Aries needs to deliver a big performance here. The winner of this will likely become number one contender to the NXT title. All signs point to Nakamura winning and maybe challenging for the title in Japan this coming July.

NXT Championship

Steel Cage Match

Samoa Joe vs Finn Balor

Despite some people having no patience or attention span to follow a feud in 2016, this feud has been outstanding. Their two previous Takeover matches were awesome and the title switch at a live event had amazing shock value. This feud and it’s build to this match has been really old school and traditional. Given the lack of gimmick matches in NXT, this cage match feels like a major feud ending collision, where these two bitter enemies have to be locked inside as the only solution to end their war. The simple booking in NXT allows for these sort of matches to mean more. Joe & Balor have no problem beating the hell out of each other, so expect this match to be as brutal as it possibly can be within a PG environment. Joe should retain here as Balor maybe heads towards a call up to the main roster. Either way, this match could be an epic old school war.

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