ROH Best in the World 2016 – Review

ROH Best in the World, Concord North Carolina, June 24th:

Kyle O’Reilly defeated Kamaitachi

This was a great opening match. Kamaitachi has come into ROH with a lot of buzz after a much talked about run in CMLL and there have been questions over where he would fit in ROH.  Here he dominated the match against the number one contender, so it’s safe to say that ROH have plans for him. This started with lots of technical wrestling until Kamaitachi’s heel side came out as he targeted the knee, something that he kept going back to, and Kyle sold for the rest of the match. There was lots of striking from both guys towards the end. Kyle went for some submissions. He won after he turned a Brainbuster into an armbar.  After the match Kamaitachi spat at a hand shake offer from Kyle.

ACH defeated Silas Young

This was a good back and forth match. It was there to give ACH a solid win as he continues to move up the ladder in ROH. Young is such a great heel and wasn’t holding back when it came to laying in a beating. Young got frustrated that he couldn’t win, so he went after a chair. ACH took him out with a big dive, which led to him hitting a Brainbuster and the Midnight Star to get the win.

Mark Briscoe defeated Roderick Strong

This turned into a hell of a back and forth match between these two veterans. They couldn’t possibly have a bad match, and this could be their last as it was Strong’s final ROH PPV appearance. They countered and hit all their big moves. There were big moves on the floor. Briscoes used a Strong Hold. There were some great, believable near falls at the end with Briscoe winning after hitting two Fisherman Busters. The crowd showed Strong lots of respect after the match.

Tornado Rules

Adam Cole & The Young Bucks defeated Moose & War Machine

As you’d expect, this was crazy. There was brawling all over the building. Triple team from Bullet Club. Big dives from everyone, including Hanson. War Machine manhandled everyone they got their hands on with power moves. There were plenty of superkicks. Hanson hit a perfect Steiner Screwdriver. He was then double superkicked as he did a moonsault. The finish came after a Meltzer Driver on Moose. As he’s leaving ROH soon, it was only right for him to take the fall. This was so much fun.

ROH World Tag Team Championship

The Addiction defeated The Motor City Machine Guns

This was a really good fast paced tag match. It felt like something from the TNA X Division ten years ago. Kazarian wore short trunks and boots, looking completely different. There was lots of synchronised tag moves that almost became dizzying. Chris Sabin continues to get back to top form. Both these teams are too good to have a bad match. Kamaitachi attacked Jay White, who was in the front row. This led to a Daniels low blow and The Addiction hitting the Best Meltzer Ever to retain. It looks like Kamaitachi will be aligned with The Addiction. White has history with Alex Shelley too, so they may be aligned too. No harm in putting these NJPW Young Lions with the veterans.

Unsanctioned Fight Without Honor

BJ Whitmer defeated Steve Corino

This was a brutal, bloody war, something not seen in pro wrestling in a really long time, that blew away high expectations that I had for this match. Corino dressed in white and revealed blonde hair, signifying that he was “evil” once again. This was a war. Both guys bled heavily. This wasn’t the usual hardcore match with the same tired out hardcore spots that we’ve seen a billion times. This really felt like two guys trying to kill each other. With the lack of blood in wrestling today, the visual of the red blood on white clothing really stood out and was almost shocking. Corino went after Whitmer with a broken glass and dropped alcohol on the open wound, which was brutal. Whitmer suplexed Corino through a table. The lights went out. When they came back on The Taskmaster Kevin Sullivan was in the ring. He nailed Corino with a golden spike, allowing Whitmer to get the win. Blood can have its place in wrestling on rare occasions. This match certainly benefitted from it. This is worth checking out.

ROH TV Championship

Bobby Fish defeated Dalton Castle

This was a really good match with lots of good mat wrestling. We had a serious Castle here. Fish targeted the knew of Castle. Castle used lots of deadlift moves when his knee didn’t give out. It was a good simple story.  Castle got pissed later in the match when Fish wouldn’t get in the ring, which is a side to him that we haven’t seen often. Fish got the win when he countered Bangarang into a roll up. Castle certainly didn’t lose anything in defeat. This was a good hard fought title match.

Next, The All Night Express and Caprice Coleman came out, said they were called The Cabinet and talked about how they were going to make wrestling great again, as if they were making a political speech. This was terrible in so many ways. The words “make wrestling great again” should never be uttered by anyone on a pro wrestling show from now until the end of time, especially when wrestling is as great as it is right now. No one cared about this and these three came off as ROH’s version of the Social Outcasts.

ROH World Championship

Jay Lethal defeated Jay Briscoe

There wasn’t much of a build to this match, but it was a match that sold itself given the history of both men.  This was a great world title match. It wasn’t as epic as last years match, but it still had a big fight feel and Lethal won it all on his own. Both guys went at it hard. They both bit several suicide dives. Lethal beautifully countered a top rope Jay Driller into a rana. Briscoe hit a Lethal Injection and a Jay Driller for the near fall of the match. Lethal won after a top rope cutter and a Lethal Injection. This match is absolutely worth checking out.

This was a great show and easily one of the most consistently great PPVs ROH have ever put on.


Not a boxer but a pro wrestling fan. If there’s a ring I’ll watch it, so naturally I have a lot of opinions (complaints).

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