WWE Money in the Bank 2016 – Preview


WWE presents Money in the Bank this Sunday live on the WWE Network.  Here’s a full preview of the show.

Pre Show

Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler

Corbin needs to win this one. He’s dangerously close to becoming just another guy. It should be another good match between the two, but Corbin has to win it and he has to win in cleanly.

Pre Show

Apollo Crews vs Sheamus

Crews has been going nowhere on the main roster. He’s a squeaky clean, smiley good guy and that’s about it. When he attacked Sheamus last week on Raw he showed the side of himself that shone against Corbin in NXT. This could be a really good match. Crews has to win this. If he doesn’t WWE should just send him back to NXT.

WWE Tag Team Championship

The New Day vs The Vaudevillians vs Enzo & Cass vs Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows

When the WWE announcers start talking about how long New Day have been champions for, you know their reign is approaching the end. There has been a lot of silliness between New Day and Enzo & Cass in the build up to this, with Gallows & Anderson really looking like the odd team out. They should be the team to end New Day’s reigns, but maybe not in a multi team match like this. Either way, Gallows & Anderson really need to look strong in this one. This will probably be a lot of fun.

Charlotte & Dana Brooke vs Natalya & Becky Lynch

A split between Dana & Charlotte is being teased already. Dana has been impressive since moving to the main roster. This match will probably either further a split or it will be a swerve with Dana & Charlotte showing they’re on the same page. It’ll be a decent match if it’s given time and isn’t completely overbooked.

WWE United States Championship

Rusev vs Titus O’Neil

I don’t think anyone cares about this. This is the typical WWE thing of beating someone into the ground, then all of a sudden flicking the switch, deciding to push them and you’re supposed to forget everything and take them seriously. This will either be a breakout performance from Titus or a completely forgettable title match.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Dean Ambrose vs Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn vs Cesaro vs Alberto Del Rio

If Ambrose doesn’t win this and hover over the Rollins/Reigns feud, this is a missed opportunity. Imagine the possibilities that could come from that? They’re literally endless and could fuel things right up to Wrestlemania.  Owens is another great candidate to win, as is Cesaro. This should be a hell of a match. All six of these guys are superb at what they do and there’s a great mix of talent and styles in here to create something special. There is also plenty of history between all involved to create some great stories. This will be great.

AJ Styles vs John Cena

There are very few dream matches that WWE can present. This might be the biggest one.  Six or seven years ago this would have been the dream face of WWE vs face of TNA match. Since TNA Styles stature has risen, making this an even more appealing match. Styles has been killing it in the ring all year, so there is no way this isn’t a classic. First time meetings like this usually create a magic that can never be duplicated. This is Cena’s first match back since last year, so hopefully he has been working off the ring rust.  Styles needs to win this one. He is after coming off two big losses to Reigns, it’s the first match in the feud and a clean Styles win can have Styles say “I told you so” and fuel the feud going forward. Cena was arguably the wrestler of the year in WWE last year and Styles was arguably the wrestler of the year overall last year, so this has the potential to be a modern day classic.

WWE Championship

Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins

This is one of those matches that tells its own story. There is so much backstory and history, that all you need to do is just present the match. This is Rollins and Reigns first ever singles meeting on PPV and a match that WWE spent most of last year building to. Now the roles are reversed with Rollins chasing what he never lost against his former Shield brother. There’s a question over what sort of Rollins we get in the ring. After such a serious injury will he be able to fly around like he once did? Or has he got something new up his sleeve? As for who wins, it’s hard to see Reigns losing the title already. This will likely be the start of a series that goes on through Summerslam. The match has all the ingredients to be something really great.

MITB has some uninteresting and skippable matches, but the top three matches could all deliver something really special making this a show worth going out of your way to watch this Sunday.


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