5 Reasons to Watch Evolve 64 & 65

Evolve 64Evolve 65

Evolve return this Saturday & Sunday for Evolve 64 & 65 in Queens, NY and Melrose, MA.  Both shows have stacked line ups as Timothy Thatcher has two title defences and the WWE Cruiserweight Classic will be showcased. Both shows will be live at WWNLive.com. Here’s why you should watch these shows this weekend.

Timothy Thatcher defends the gold

Thatcher is back in Evolve and has two title defences this weekend.  First he defends the title against The Villain Marty Scurll, who is the only man to have a clean win over Thatcher since Thatcher became champion.  Scurll is on an incredible run at the minute, so this should be really great.  He then faces TJ Perkins on Sunday.   Thatcher will be defending the title against Catch Point members between now and August.  This will be a superb technical battle between two technical wrestlers that do it in very different ways.  This will be great to watch.

Roddy vs The World

Roderick Strong returns to Evolve for the first time in a year for a dream match with Matt Riddle.   Strong recently finished up with ROH and is a free agent for now while he waits on his next move.  2015 saw Strong have an amazing run in Evolve that did a lot to not only help Strong reach the next level, but he did a lot to put Evolve on the map as a must-see company.  Strong did just as much in repairing Evolve’s image as Drew Galloway did.

Matt Riddle

If you have never seen Matt Riddle, you really need to check out his work.  Riddle is the sort of special performer that comes along every once in awhile from a different sport and takes to pro wrestling straight away. Riddle is on the level of Kurt Angle as being someone that it all instantly clicked with.  With only a couple of years experience, Riddle is as good as anyone on the independents right now and has every single thing needed to be a major superstar.  This weekend he faces Strong and Marty Scurll, two opponents that he should be able to do great things with.

Cruiserweight Classic Spotlight

Evolve find themselves in the fortunate position of having several of the top Cruiserweight Classic performers on hand right as the series debuts.  This weekend we get several incredible looking showcase matches. We see TJ Perkins & Zack Sabre Jr clash in a rematch of a technical masterpiece they had last year.  Cedric Alexander takes on Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa.  Both matches should be great, especially Alexander vs Ciampa, who have had excellent matches in ROH in the past.  Sabre takes on Tony Nese on Saturday, which should be another great clash of styles.

Galloway vs Evolve

Evolve struck gold a few months ago when Drew Galloway & EC3 launched a tirade against the company.  This weekend we see Galloway take on Drew Gulak & Johnny Gargano, two guys looking to defend their home company.  Gulak is a guy we don’t normally see in a grudge match situation, so that will bring out something different from him.  Galloway & Gargano have had incredibly heated brawls in the past, so this should be a crazy fight that spills all over the building.  Who knows what or who Galloway has up his sleeve.

Evolve have become an incredibly consistent promotion that present several top-level matches on every single show.  They rarely fail to deliver, so check them out this weekend.  Saturday see’s them team up with Beyond Wrestling for a double header, who will present their show on WWNLive.com too, so the weekend line-up is loaded. Follow @BookItGabe for more info.

Evolve 64 – July 16th – Queens, NY – 4pm EDT

EVOLVE Championship

Timothy Thatcher vs Marty Scurll

Roderick Strong vs Matt Riddle

Drew Galloway vs Drew Gulak

Cruiserweight Classic Spotlight

Johnny Gargano vs Cedric Alexander

Cruiserweight Classic Spotlight

Zack Sabre Jr vs TJ Perkins

Four Way FRAY

Tracy Williams vs Tony Nese vs Fred Yehi vs Darby Allin

Evolve 65 – July 17th – Melrose, MA – 7pm EDT

EVOLVE Championship

Timothy Thatcher vs TJ Perkins

The Final Showdown – There Must Be A Winner

Drew Galloway vs Johnny Gargano

Cruiserweight Classic Spotlight

Tommaso Ciampa vs Cedric Alexander

Cruiserweight Classic Spotlight

Zack Sabre Jr vs Tony Nese

Marty Scurll vs Matt Riddle

Catch Point Open Tryout

Drew Gulak, Tracy Williams & Fred Yehi vs To Be Determined


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