Beyond Wrestling: Flesh – Review


Last night (7/17) Beyond Wrestling made their ippv debut in Melrose, Massachusetts as a part of their double header with Evolve. Beyond Really hit it out of the park with their ippv debut putting together a fantastic show with probably the best commentary work since Emil Jay worked last years GRR (I did miss Suge D though), if you haven’t already I definitely suggest you check this show out. Hopefully this isn’t the last time Beyond is on ippv cause it’s obvious they can compete with anyone that’s doing them now, including Evolve.


Zack Sabre Jr Vs Jonathan Gresham: I mean, is there a better match you can start your debut on ippv with? These are two of the best technical wrestlers in the world going at it for only the 2nd time on US Soil (shame on you US promoters for not booking this sooner). In their last match in Beyond in June Gresham got the “upset” win (not an upset to me, Gresh is easily a ZSJ tier wrestler) and now Sabre wants his win back. As expected this was a beautiful display of technical Wrestling, these two going at it is basically art, wonderful sequences being a result of the great chemistry these guys have. Gresham got the win again here making Sabre tap out. Sabre then proclaimed that Gresham may have beaten him twice, but he can’t beat him twice in one night. It’s looking like its gonna be Gresham Vs Sabre 2/3 falls at Amerianrana at the end of the month.


LuFisto Vs Veda Scott: Beyond has been Sprinkling in Women’s Wrestling Revolution showcase matches into each of their shows and all of them have delivered big time. This match between Veda and LuFisto was no different. I really think people need to take the time to appreciate how much Veda Scott has improved this year, she has turned into a worker I now get legit excited to see in the ring. She’s not perfect yet, but so much better than she was a year ago it’s incredible. Unfortunately Veda’s improvement didn’t keep her from catching a beating from LuFisto here. The advantage was definitely the vet’s here as she was on heavy offense for most of the match and got the clean win here. Both wrestlers did great here and continue to build the hype for Women’s Wrestling Revolution’s show on 7/31.


Team TFT4 (Brian Fury & Da Hit Squad) Vs Team Pazuzu (Jaka, Mike Draztik & Angel Ortiz): While I do think this match could’ve been a little shorter, it was definitely awesome. I like the Idea of this Pazuzu trio doing their own thing while Dickinson is on his quest to be Beyond’s Ace and handling other Pazuzu business (we’ll talk about that in a bit) cause everyone in this team deserves their respective shine, especially Dickinson and EYFBO. If you know of all these competitors then you were definitely expecting a lot of action here and that’s what we got. We at Beyond know the history EYFBO and Da Hit Squad have in the promotion so you already know they’re destined to kill it, adding the likes of Brian Fury and Jaka to the mix was a cool bonus. Everybody brought the fire here and Pazuzu even tried out some new moves, adding Jaka’s top rope double stomp to their already excellent illmatic combo for the win here. After the match Crusade For Change attacked Da Hit Squad but Team Pazuzu came back to run them off. Like i said EYFBO and Da Hit Squad have a history and a lot of respect comes with that history. Get hype for Crusade For Change Vs Da Hit Squad, Homicide, B-Boy and Eddie Kingston at Americanrana.


Chris Dickinson Vs Pinky Sanchez: Pinky Sanchez left Team Pazuzu a few months back but now wants back in. Now, Team Pazuzu is the very embodiment of a “blood in, blood out” New York squad, so if Pinky wants his spot back, he’s going to have to take the beating that comes with it, and man did he do just that. This match was really great. As you would think, the offensive side of it was really Dickinson heavy, but the come backs from Pinky had me extremely invested and even thinking Pinky was going to steal the win a few times. Pinky Sanchez can go, don’t let anyone tell you any different. The story being told here was great (Jaka being on commentary added a lot to it also). Dickinson was a little reluctant at times and even looked sorry for kicking his best friends ass so bad, but he had to learn his lesson if he wanted back in the team. Dickinson got the win here but Pinky earned back the respect of his best friend and also his spot in Team Pazuzu. One of my favorite matches of the night.


JT Dunn Vs Kimber Lee: Kimber Lee has a big match against Chris Hero at Americanrana coming up, so what better way is there to prepare for that than to face his mini-me JT Dunn? Dunn is one of the three wrestlers in contention to be Beyond Wrestling’s Ace (along with Dijak and Dickinson), but without Chris Hero by his side Dunn isn’t looking too Aceish huh? Getting completely dominated by Kim and taking at least 20 German suplexes. It was a little hard for me to really get into this match but the crowd was really into it and I can definitely appreciate the story that’s told here and the fact that Kim is looking really strong going into her match with Hero at Americanrana with a win over his protege.


Matt Riddle Vs Tommaso Ciampa: The Last time these two faced off it was ruled a no contest, now there must be a winner. If you saw the last match between Ciampa and Riddle then you already knew what to expect here, greatness. Riddle and Ciampa have a great chemistry between them, they work very smoothly and their styles are a great match for each other. These are two talents that are having a fantastic year in wrestling, especially Riddle, he’s the super rookie. I believe this was Riddle’s first main event match in Beyond and he really showed up (as always) and so did Ciampa. These guys really know how to take it to the next level. Riddle picked up the win here making Ciampa tap out. After the match the rest of Catch Point made their way into the ring, thus making their Beyond Debut as a group. Team Pazuzu then came and ran them out to finish up the show. It’s Team Pazuzu Vs Catch Point at Americanrana, if Flesh has taught us anything, it’s that this show is gonna be amazing.