Review: Evolve 64


Evolve returned to La Boom in Queens, NY on Saturday, July 16, 2016. It was a loaded card that had high expectations going in.

Stokely Hathaway interrupted Lenny Leonards show opening. He announced that TJP would not be competing as he need to rest before his big match at Evolve 65 against Timothy Thatcher

Johnny Gargano defeated Cedric Alexander

The fact that Johnny Gargano and Cedric Alexander opened a show is stupendous. These two headline most shows they’re on. This match was exceptional. Gargano and Alexander pushed one another to the edge here. I love that there was an even back and forth.The crowd was really into the match (as they should be). It was a great match that could’ve main-evented any show but here it was as an opener that set up even bigger expectations going into this show. Gargano picked up with the Garga-no escape.

After the match, Galloway attacked Gargano in the ongoing storyline. Ethan Page made the save but ended up getting the beat down via a chair. Gulak then makes the save on Page and apparently Gulak v Gargano is supposed to go now but out comes Chuck Taylor, who is now going by Dustin. He helps out Galloway in what is seen as a huge breach of trust among Taylor fans. Galloway introduces Dustin as the man that carried Gargano for years. They want a tag title match for that night. And, its accepted.

Tony Nese defeated Chris Dickinson, Darby Allin and Fred Yehi

This was a hell of a match. Every man in this match deserves a lot of recognition. Yehi is a technical master and easily one of the best wrestlers around. Dickinson, is brute force and I love everything he does in ring. Tony Nese is finally breaking away from the Premier Athlete Brand and is able to show how great of a wrestler he is. Then there’s newcomer, Darby Allin. Allin has impressed since bursting into Evolve and in this match, it was no different. Allin does some death-defying antics and it is a breath of fresh air to watch. Dickinson tossed Allin out of the ring in probably the scariest bump i’ve ever seen. Allin came back in after a while in what was a great comeback. Nese picked up the win with a 450 onto Allin. We know that Yehi, Dickinson and Nese are cemented as wrestlers and here, it was cemented to me, that Allin, with more experience is going to be a big name in wrestling. Watch out for him. The crowd was roaring for him after the match which was nice.

Ethan Page defeated Wheeler Yuta

Ethan Page basically murdered this kid. Yuta put in some offense but it wasn’t anything to really base an opinion of him off. Page was great and really, what else is there to say?

After the match, Page took to the mic to say that Gargano needs to forgive him. He is the only one on Gargano’s side. He promises that Gargano can trust him in what was probably my favorite promo from Page thus far.

Zack Sabre, Jr. defeated Jigsaw

This was originally supposed to be TJP v ZSJ but with TJP out, Jigsaw was in! Jigsaw has been around for a long time and there was a very happy reaction to having him out here. Jigsaw did great early on against ZSJ. It was a fun grounded back and forth. Jigsaw is really great and he showed this here. ZSJ dominated a lot of this match and it wasn’t until Jigsaw took to the air that he really got the best of ZSJ. This was a great great match where both goes got to show off what makes them so great. ZSJ picked up the win via a big kick after a suplex. This was a fantastic match in an already great show. I’d like to see more of Jigsaw in Evolve.

Matt Riddle defeated Roderick Strong

This was a hell of a match. Roderick Strong beat the ever living shit out of Matt Riddle for the majority of this match. Riddle, for as great as he is, is still a relative rookie and here, the veteran Strong took him to task. That’s not to say though that Riddle didn’t look good here. He did. He took the beating and kept coming back for more. Words don’t do this match justice. Everyone needs to go out of their way to see it. Riddle picked up the win via submission.

After the match, Riddle called out Timmy Thatcher. I really love how confident Riddle is and how well it comes across on the mic. Thatcher came out and was soon followed by Stokely Hathaway. Hathaway demanded to know where Riddle had been earlier in the night. Riddle tossed the belt at Hathway and Thatcher “broke” Hathaway’s finger in retaliation. Riddle grabbed the title and left. This was a fun exchange. I like how Thatcher went after Hathaway without so much as a blink of an eye.

Timothy Thatcher defeated Marty Scurll

Scurll is such a super star. Everything about him is just perfect. This was a fantastic match. I really liked that Scurll played a few mind games on Thatcher. I really enjoyed this. I feel like I’m one of the only people enjoying Thatcher’s run as of late. He comes across as not trying but he’s still the same badass he’s always been. Scurll looked great here. I loved Thatcher escaping the Chickenwing. Thatcher picking up the win via sleeper choke was great. I immensely enjoyed this.

TJP hit the ring after the match to attack Thatcher. Which led to the rest of Catch Point coming out. TJP basically laid out Thatcher. Galloway and Dustin then made their way ringside and we were off to our main event.

Evolve Tag Titles

Drew Galloway and Chuck Taylor/Dustin defeated Catch Point (Drew Gulak and Tracy Williams)

This was interesting. I really enjoy a serious Chuck Taylor and that’s what he brought here. There was way too much action here to really keep up. I liked how both teams used their strengths to try and gain the upper hand. There were a few believable near falls that had me on the edge of my seat. This match left me wondering where the angle is going as Taylor picked up the win by hitting the awful waffle on Williams.

After the match, Galloway took to the mic to say that Evolve were a bunch of hypocrites.

I really really enjoyed this show. All the matches worked well to further their respective storylines. I didn’t feel like anyone match dragged. It was a great top to bottom show and everyone should go and watch it. It is now available on vod at


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