PWG Prince – Review

PWG presented Prince from Reseda, California on May 20th. The show is now available on DVD from

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Adam Cole defeated Dalton Castle

This was a really good opener. Cole & Castle both have such great characters and played off each other really well.  This was one of Castle’s most impressive in ring showings in PWG. He hit all sort of deadlift moves, even bridging out of a pin and going straight into a German suplex at one stage. Cole thought he won with the Brainbuster onto the knee, but Castle had a foot on the rope. After this there was some good back and forth. Cole caught Castle with a superkick as he came off the top, a running knee and the Brainbuster onto the knee to score the win. This was a lot of fun between these two ROH guys.

Castle vs Cole

Michael Elgin defeated Kamaitachi

This was a good match. There were some moments of miscommunication, but it was really physical and Kamaitachi won over the PWG crowd by the end of it. Elgin dominated it with his power to begin, but Kamaitachi got into it when he went after the leg and took to the air with dropkick and a Senton to the floor. The commentators played up how much a loss to a New Japan young lion would affect Elgin. Elgin unloaded with a huge lariat, a super falcon arrow, but was almost caught with a roll up when he went for the Elgin Bomb. He caught Kamaitachi coming off the top and turned it into an Elgin Bomb to get the win.  This was a good debut for Kamaitachi, but he will be much more comfortable in American surroundings by the time BOLA comes around.

Elgin vs Kamaitachi

Marty Scurll defeated Mark Andrews

This match was given lots of time to build into something really great, and it did. As good as Andrews was here, this was an absolutely amazing performance from Scurll. He tore it up in every single way. He was a complete ring general. Every single time I see him he gets even better and is quickly becoming one of the finest all rounders in the entire world.  He got into it with a fan at one point and ended up poking the fan in the eye. Scurll dominated the majority of the match with Andrews pulling out spectacular looking moved and sequences when he got the chance. Scurll went after the Chickenwing several times. Andrews fought out of it and got to the ropes at one stage and made one last run at putting Scurll away before Scurll repeatedly knee’d Andrews before locking the hold in again for the submission win. This is one you really need to check out. Just a really great match and an amazing performance from The Villain.

Scurll vs Andrews

Trevor Lee defeated Andrew Everett

Lee & Everett have wrestled a million times all over the U.S. and are former PWG tag team champions, but this was their first singles match in PWG. This was a very good match. Three guys know each other so well that they could have a good match without even trying. Everett landed on his feet out of all sorts of ridiculous situations. Lee is such a polished wrestler. Everett shows his inexperience at times when he can look like he is standing waiting for the next thing to happen. There was one crazy sequence where Lee landed on his feet out of a top rope rana, but was then drilled headfirst into the mat by a spike hurricanrana. Everett came off the top several times, hitting a light in the ceiling at one stage. Lee got his foot on the rope after a 630 Splash. Lee got the win when he hit a Small Package Driver. Check out the recent episode of CWF Mid Atlantic on YouTube for a much better match between these two.

Lee vs Everett

Chris Hero defeated Jeff Cobb

This was the debut of the man known as Matanza Cueto in Lucha Underground. Cobb had a really impressive debut here. His power in insane. He had the entire crowd on their feet minutes into the match when he hit multiple gutwrench suplexes on Hero with ease. This was a war of attrition. It was striking vs power until one guys just couldn’t take it any more. Hero nailed boots and elbows. Cobb hit all sorts of slams and deadlift moves. Cobb has just burst on the scene all of a sudden. He showed his inexperience at times when it came to selling. He popped up out of a piledriver, saying that he has no neck, which was great. Hero won after another Piledriver that stunned him, and elbowed him until Cobb was eventually down for the count. Cobb got “please come back” chants after the match. This was a great debut for Cobb, who could have a big future in pro wrestling once he gains more experience.

Cobb vs Hero

Drew Galloway defeated Michael Elgin

This was originally meant to be Galloway vs Brian Cage, but Cage couldn’t make the show due to a family issue.  Galloway then challenged someone from the back to step up and fight twice in one night. Up stepped Big Mike. This was a really hard hitting match where both guys just dished out everything they had. They both used power and showed lots of intensity. Elgin kicked out of a Future Shock. Galloway escaped an Elgin Bomb and kicked out of a Death Valley Driver from the middle rope. Elgin almost beheaded Elgin with a lariat late in the match. The finish came when Galloway nailed a second Future Shock DDT. This wasn’t a blow away match, but it was a good battle of big men.

Elgin vs Galloway

Roderick Strong defeated Sami Callihan

This was an excellent main event between two of the most explosive guys in pro wrestling. They brawled around ringside with Callihan running laps of the ring before launching himself with a cannonball into a seated Strong. There was lots of striking from both guys and the bursts of attack that we’ve come to expect from Strong. There was a great sequence of counters with Strong countering a Stretch Muffler into a Strong Hold and Callihan then into an STF. The finish saw Adam Cole get involved which allowed Strong to win via End of Heartache.  After the match Dalton Castle saved Callihan from a Cole & Strong attack.  Callihan then kissed Castle, because why wouldn’t he? The crowd loved this. It looks like Castle could be in for a push in PWG heading into BOLA.

Strong vs Callihan

This was a very good show. The best matches for me where Scurll/Andrews, Hero/Cobb and Strong/Callihan.

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