5 Reasons to Watch WWE Summerslam 2016


Summerslam is live on WWE Network and it is a stacked card, that if it fires on all cylinders, could be an all time great WWE show.  Here are 5 reasons to watch:

Viper vs Beast

A lot of people scoffed at the announcement of this match, but it could be something great.  There are very few dream matches left in WWE, especially between established names that have been around for so long.  Lesnar & Orton are part of the incredible 2002 class that graduated from developmental, but have only ever faced once, on an episode of Smackdown in 2002.  Orton has looked fired up since returning.  The ball is in Lesnar’s court.  If he brings it, this will be great.

Balor vs Rollins

Last year at a Q&A panel during Summerslam weekend, Seth Rollins threw out the idea of a Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor dream match.  One year on and here we have it as one of the main events to crown the first ever WWE Universal champion.  You couldn’t have dreamt up a better debut scenario for Balor. He has walked into WWE and is already being seen as a top level star.  The atmosphere for this one should be insane. As for who wins? If WWE are serious about making Balor a made man, he should walk away with the title.

Show Time for Ziggler

The new era has been just that for Dolph Ziggler.  Over the course of one episode of Smackdown, WWE completely rebooted Dolph Ziggler and made him more important than he had been in years.  I went from not caring to wanting to see Ziggler take the WWE title from Dean Ambrose.  Ziggler will pour his heart into this match and I have no doubt that he and Ambrose will bring people on a ride as they tell a story of Ziggler trying to prove he’s just as good as he says he is and not just a show off.  This is the dark horse show stealer of the weekend.

Styles vs Cena

Styles & Cena had a killer match back at Money in the Bank.  Now on the grander stage of Summerslam in front of a crowd that will likely be pro Styles, this should have an atmosphere that will make it even better.  With Anderson & Gallows out of the equation on Raw (although they will be at Summerslam), this will hopefully have the clean finish that was missing at MITB.  

Sasha vs Charlotte

Last year when Summerslam weekend was over we were left talking about Sasha Banks & Bayley. One year on, the NXT spirit of the women’s division has finally made its way to the main roster. When Sasha Banks won the title from Charlotte a few weeks ago, it was one of the most real and emotional moments in the entire history of Raw.  In front of the Brooklyn crowd, these women will be hell bent on stealing the show, and they very well could do it. This match could easily main event the show.  

Not a boxer but a pro wrestling fan. If there’s a ring I’ll watch it, so naturally I have a lot of opinions (complaints).