Beyond Wrestling: Americanrana ’16 – Review


On July 31st 2016 Beyond Wrestling made their return to Fete Music and held their biggest event o the year, Americanrana ’16. This was an excellent show filled with all different kinds o wrestling as usually expected from Beyond. Americanrana is always a special thing and they have not let us down with this one this year. highly recommend checking it out on Beyondemand

Keith Lee Vs Brian Cage: What’s a better way to open up your big show than with two big guys? This was a truly great opener. Cage and Lee are two extremely athletic big guys, super agile hosses, I honestly think if you just showed someone a picture of these guys they wouldn’t believe you when you tell them the things they can do. Now in all honesty I’m not the biggest Brian Cage fan, but I can say with full confidence that Keith Lee is a STAR and everyone that hasn’t seen this man wrestle yet have to get their eyes on him ASAP, there’s really not many big men like him on the scene. Like I said before I’m not super into Cage but I can say that this was definitely one of my favorite performances from him, he and Lee worked really good together and put on a match that was most definitely worth being the opener to Beyond’s biggest show of the year. Some truly great back & forth feats of strength and athleticism from both men here. Keith Lee picked up the win here to continue the excellent run he’s having in Beyond Wrestling at the moment

AR Fox Vs Matt Tremont: Two big returns to Beyond Wrestling as the king of the deathmatch, Matt Tremont, and the self proclaimed living legend, AR Fox return from their brief hiatuses to put on this clash of very different styles. Admittedly this was one of the two matches on the card I couldn’t really get into. Nothing really wrong with it, just wasn’t for me. AR Fox did hit a Senton off the balcony which was cool as fuck, but that was honestly the only stand out moment for me here unfortunately. Fox got the win with that senton. This month Fox faces Keith Lee and I’m positive I’ll like that a lot more than this.

Crusade For Change (Darius Carter, Anthony Gangone, TJ Marconi & the M1nute Men) Vs Strong Style Squad (Eddie Kingston, Homicide, B-Boy, & Da Hit Squad): Just a great all out brawl, safe to say this match was barely in the ring and barely saw many legal tags. It was chaos and I loved every second of it. Main thing I took away from this match is that we need to see Anthony Gangone and Eddie Kingston go one on one soon, they looked really good together in the brief time they had working against each other in the ring. This was a pretty perfectly set match seeing as Strong Style Squad is a collective of wrestlers you just LOVE to watch beat the shit out of people and C4C is a faction that you just want to watch get their ass kicked, this is exactly what we got. As we all know though, Darius Carter is a mastermind, so him keeping himself out of danger, striking when the perfect opportunities to do so arrive, and getting the win with a surprise roll up should come as no surprise to us. Carter always proves to be the main reason behind C4C’s success.

Chris Hero Vs Kimber Lee: This match up has had an alright build for the past few months, but I can’t lie, this was the 2nd of the two matches I couldn’t get into on this show. Kim got some offense in but this definitely seemed like a long squash match to me. There just wasn’t a point in this match where I believed she would make some kind of comeback and somehow pick up the win and that kind of killed it for me. Hero looked great as always (can honestly say there hasn’t been a time this year where I could say that he hasn’t), but this just wasn’t easy to get invested in. Hopefully this leads to more story development so I can look back on this and eat my words.

Donovan Dijak Vs Chris Dickinson Vs JT Dunn: The battle to determine the true Ace of Beyond Wrestling has been going on for a couple months now. Each man in this match has a right to try and claim the title of Ace, Dijak has been having continuous MOTN’s and even last years Beyond Wrestling match of the year, Dunn has been holding down Beyond or as long as anyone can remember, and Dickinson (though through a a tad bit of a negative situation) is a big reason why Beyond’s name has gotten out there between 2015 and now and is also a very underrated wrestler who deserves more props. Each of this men can say they’re the Ace, but who truly is? Now we find out. This was an excellent triple threat match and easily could’ve been the main event here which shows exactly how good this show was to have this smack dab in the middle of the card. The start of it having Dijak and Dickinson basically ignore Dunn was perfectly inline with the story that (at least this year with his chicken shit heel turn) Dunn is the least deserving of the Ace title and Dijak & Dickinson don’t see him to be on their level, I’m sure he ended up changing their minds by the end of this match. This was just a wonderfully worked triple threat match between three great talents that truly delivered, Everyone looked great. Dijak ended up picking up the win here and with that once and or all answers the question as to who is the true Ace of Beyond Wrestling.

Matt Riddle Vs John Silver: Two people that have been having a truly amazing 2016 in wrestling are Matt Riddle (easily the rookie of the year) and John Silver (transitioned from his usual comedy and became and absolute murder machine), so it’s about time these two met up and put on a show for us, they did not disappoint. John Silver can go with the best of them, and while Riddle hasn’t been wrestling for a long time he’s already considered on of the best on the scene at the moment so it was nice to see Silver get a chance against him and show he’s just as good. The chemistry between the two here was really great and made for a great match to start off the 2nd half of the show. Riddle got the win here to continue his undefeated streak in Beyond.

Catch Point (Drew Gulak, Tracy Williams & TJ Perkins) Vs Team Pazuzu (Mike Draztik, Angel Ortiz & Jaka): Catch Point finally make their Beyond Wrestling Debut as a team and are (deservedly so) already put against who I believe is the best team in Beyond, Team Pazuzu. This was a very fun match as expected. The Pazuzu boys aren’t really known for their technical prowess but they did a good job of adapting to the Catch Point style without completely changing their own. I’ve probably said this on a few reviews before but i would really love to see Mike Draztik get a singles run at some point, the couple sequences he got off with Gulak were awesome and I see so much in him. TJ Perkins looked very at home in his Beyond debut, he’s such a great talent and I’m glad he’s getting the attention he deserves now. Both teams were awesome in this match but Pazuzu ended up with the win with a little distraction from Pinky Sanchez. After the match Matt Riddle made a run in and Point beat down Team Pazuzu til Chris Dickinson came out to clean house and save his boys. The end result being Dickinson and Riddle facing off.

David Starr Vs Johnny Gargano: This rematch has been a year in the making since Starr cheated to make Gargano “tap out” in their match for Americanrana ’15, now Gargano finally makes his return to get his win back. Their match last year was really great but I’d definitely say that Gargano and Starr surpassed that with this one. Ridiculous chemistry between these guys, it was a great thing to watch and I was even a bit upset I didn’t get to see this one live. If this match proves anything, it’s definitely that David Starr can go with the best of them, he always has honestly but this year a lot more people are taking notice and that’s great cause he deserves the recognition. Starr got the win by making Gargano tap for real this time. Just a truly awesome match, one of my favorites of the night.

Tommaso Ciampa Vs Brian Fury: Ciampa and Fury are both leaving Beyond soon. Ciampa is going to an exclusive WWE wrestler so this will be his last match in Beyond Wrestling, and Fury will be retiring at the end of the year so his days in a Beyond Wrestling ring are numbered. Both being based out of New England, Ciampa and Fury have a shared history so this was certainly the right match up to pick. This match was very well paced and well worked as expected. It didn’t really hit that next gear like I thought it was going to but this was still great and I enjoyed the hell out of it, I’d say it’s spot on the card was the right one for this match right before the main event. Fury tapped Ciampa out to his Branding Iron submission (Boston Crab) for the win. This was a good way to send Ciampa out.

Zack Sabre Jr Vs Jonathan Gresham, 2/3 falls match: Sabre and Gresham have faced off twice in Beyond Wrestling this year. Sabre has yet to get a win over Gresham and this is basically his last chance to do so in a 2 out of 3 falls match. This was such a gorgeous Display of Technical wrestling, every time these two face each other it just gets better and better and it really makes you wonder what the hell were taking promotions so long to book this match in the US before Beyond decide to do so. I really loved that there was a double pin first which put them at 1 fall a piece and really made both men go into critical mode or the rest of the match, putting on one hell of a main event. Gresham got the 2nd all therefore winning the match and continuing the theme that Sabre just can’t beat him. I technical wrestling is your thing like it is mine I highly recommend checking out this series between ZSJ and Gresham.