Rev Pro Global Wars UK Night 1

Rev Pro, Global Wars UK Night 1, York Hall, London, November 10th:

Marty Scurll defeated Jushin Thunder Liger

This was such a fun opener. Liger went all out here and put in a hell of an effort to make Scurll look good. Scurll is such a incredible heel and does the little things that others don’t do. Liger even pulled out a “just kidding” superkick and hit a Liger Bomb for a great near fall. Scurll countered a Japanese Leg Roll Clutch into a Chickenwing for the submission win. This was a blast.

Tomoaki Honma defeated Sha Samuels

This was a short, but solid match. The crowd popped huge when Honma finally hit his first Kokeshi of the match. Honma hit a missile dropkick at one point, which I’ve never seen him do before.  A ref distraction saw a run in from James Castle, but Honma took him out with a head butt and finished Samuels after a running Kokeshi and a diving Kokeshi.

Yuji Nagata defeated Pete Dunne

This was the ultimate veteran vs youngster match as the 48 year old Nagata took on the 23 year old Dunne. This was an excellent stature enhancing performance from Dunne against the legend. Dunne beat down Nagata, bit him, clawed at him and pissed Nagata off until he fired back. Dunne did an amazing job of selling the fear and shock as Nagata nailed him with kicks and strikes. Dunne held nothing back and survived a Nagata Lock. In the end it was one bite too much as it fuelled Nagata into hitting the Back Drop Hold.

Chris Hero defeated Tomohiro Ishii

This f**king match. What an absolute war this was. Everyone needs to go out of their way to see this one. This was a dream match between two of the finest in the world in 2016 and it lived up to the hype. The match started with Hero mocking Ishii’s height, Ishii nailed Hero with three forearms before Hero dropped him with one. Ten seconds in and it was on! Hero had the upper hand over Ishii for the first portion of the match. He arrogantly taunted him and he nailed him with strike after strike. Ishii began blocking strikes with his head and he ended up having strike battles with both guys shrugging them off. Ishii popped up after a Piledriver and straight away shrugged off a boot from Hero.  Ishii managed to suplex Hero several times, some of which Hero popped up out of. This was a strong style war full of fighting spirit and the crowd gave them a standing ovation after one series of moves. Ishii again popped up out of a Piledriver late in the match and was dropped with an elbow, but again kicked out. Hero then finished him with a Gotch Style Piledriver.  This was a spectacle. After the match Hero put Ishii over on the mic and left him in the ring as Hero encouraged the crowd to give him the respect he deserves.

Will Ospreay defeated BUSHI

This was another outstanding match and one of the best BUSHI has had all year as the CHAOS vs LIJ feud made its way to the UK.  BUSHI dropped Ospreay on the apron with a spike DDT early. Ospreay hit some spectacular flying moves to get back into it, including an awesome Sasuke Special.  A ref distraction saw BUSHI mist Ospreay and roll him up for a great near fall and then hit a Canadian Destroyer for an even better one. The finish saw Ospreay block the diving Codebreaker with a kick, then hit his spin kick to the back of the head followed by the OsCutter for the victory.  Excellent match.

EVIL, SANADA & Tetsuya Naito defeated David Starr, Tyler Bate & Trent Seven

This was a really good six man tag.  David Starr was an honorary member of Moustache Mountain for the night. There was lots of fun in the early going. Trent took Naito’s hand during his eye pose and used it to twirl his moustache. Bate looked great here. The 19 year old is a prodigy.  There was loads of excellent action in the last few minutes with big moves and lots of LIJ triple team.  The finish saw EVIL pin Starr after the STO.

British Heavyweight Championship

Katsuyori Shibata defeated Zack Sabre Jr

This was one hell of a main event and it was even better than their first meeting during the summer. Sabre was boo’d heavily during his entrance and Shibata was treated like a star. Sabre targeted the arm and took off the tape that Shibata had to support his shoulder. Shibata got back into it with a sick slap and started to unload with strikes like only he can. They traded strikes and holds with Sabre holding his own in the striking department. They played off the finish of the last match, which Sabre won, but Shibata was able to escape this time. This was just excellent, hard hitting, technical wrestling. The finish saw Shibata lock in the sleeper, and avoid a last attempt from Sabre to attack the arm and then hit the PK to shock the crowd as he becomes the new Rev Pro British Heavyweight Champion.

After the match Marty Scurll stopped Sabre from shaking the hand of Shibata and Chris Hero came out and motioned that he wanted the title. They met on night two of Global Wars.


This show is available now at You can subscribe for a month for a cheap price, which will give you both nights of Global Wars UK.  This was an amazing show with a match of the year contender from Ishii & Hero, with some other excellent matches. The one thing that lets Rev Pro down time and time again is bad camera work, with their hard camera being out of focus for a portion of the show and some sloppy editing of the show. There is no excuse for this and it takes away from the enjoyment of a loaded card.

Not a boxer but a pro wrestling fan. If there’s a ring I’ll watch it, so naturally I have a lot of opinions (complaints).