Rev Pro Global Wars UK Night 2 – Review

Rev Pro Global Wars UK Night 2, Walthamstow, London, November 11th:


British Tag Team Championship

Joel Redman & Charlie Garrett defeated EVIL & BUSHI via DQ

This was a very good tag opener. I’m used to seeing Garrett as an amazing old school heel in OTT, so it’s always strange watching him as a generic babyface that does lots of flips in Rev Pro. He’s excellent in both rolls and has all the tools to be a main event player on a major stage. BUSHI & EVIL used all their usual heel tricks, including EVIL’s chair into the ring post spot. There were some good near falls near the end before BUSHI was DQ’d for misting Garrett.

Josh Bodom defeated Tomoaki Honma

Bodom is a brash youngster that has been on the outs with Rev Pro for the last few months for disciplinary reasons. This was his return and we got a really good match here. Honma forced Bodom to work his style and Bodom was up to the challenge. He arrogantly tried to match Honma in the striking department, but Honma got the better. There were some really good false finishes wit Honma missing a diving Kokeshi, and Bodom getting to the ropes out of a submission. Bodom scored a major upset win when he used the rope to low blow Honma and hit the Bliss Buster.

Yuji Nagata defeated Trent Seven

This was a lot of fun. Seven calls himself British Strong Style, so that was the theme of this match as Nagata is somewhat of a strong style legend. At one point Seven chopped the ring post and the look on Nagata’s face was priceless.  Seven hit extremely hard and had an excellent showing against the legend. Nagata is just so good, even at 48 years old. Nagata picked up the submission win with the Nagata Lock. After the match Nagata raised the hand of Seven.

Before Seven could leave the ring Dave Mastiff attacked and laid him out.

Will Ospreay (Black Liger) defeated Jushin Thunder Liger

Ospreay wrestled in a Black Liger outfit, so we had some fun exchanges with both guys as mirror images of the other. They’d both try the shotei at the same time and things like that. This was mostly a comedy match. They redid the thumb in the bum spot from PWG BOLA and it killed the match for me. It’s completely stupid and not all that funny. Ospreay won after an OsCutter and a Shooting Star Press.

Tomohiro Ishii defeated Pete Dunne

What a match this was. The best of the show to this point. Dunne looked like a beast here against NJPW’s ultimate badass. Dunne hit Ishii with the stiffest forearms and looked every bit as tough as Ishii did. Dunne even bit the fingers and the HEAD of Ishii. Ishii fired back like only Ishii can. He shrugged off forearms and nailed Dunne with forearms, lariat and a violent looking head butt. The moment of the match came when Ishii kicked out of a Tombstone at one and the place went nuts. Dunne hit Ishii with a low blow and Drop Dead, but Ospreay caused a distraction, allowing Ishii to hit a low blow of his own and a Brainbuster to score the win. This was a hell of a match and a major performance from Dunne.

Tetsuya Naito & SANADA defeated Zack Sabre Jr & Marty Scurll

This was an absolutely outstanding tag match. Go out of your way to see this one. There were so many fresh matches here between four of the finest wrestlers anywhere, and the mix of styles made this a joy to watch. SANADA & Scurll had some amazing exchanges between Skull End & the Chickenwing. There was great double team from both teams. At one point Sabre had Naito in an armbar, while Scurll had SANADA in the Chickenwing and it looked like a sure thing that Naito would submit. Sabre got in some great counters on Naito before Naito finished Sabre with Destino. There are so many singles matches coming out of this that need to happen down the line.

Scurll then took the mic and spoke about signing for ROH and how Sabre was moving to America next year and that this was their goodbye to Rev Pro. It was a pretty nice moment until they were just about to leave the ring and Scurll low blowed Sabre. This was really well done. I’m not sure if this was actually a goodbye or an angle.

British Heavyweight Championship

Katsuyori Shibata vs Chris Hero

On paper this was a mouth watering dream match that you never thought would happen and it delivered. This one felt like something special. They traded strikes and neither guy backed down. One moment saw Hero taunt Shibata with a light slap only for Shibata to fire back with the loudest, stiffest slap to the face. Hero hit a couple of piledrivers, including the same one he beat Ishii with, which got a great believable near fall. The finish saw Shibata go back to the sleeper, even after Hero tried to suplex out of it. He eventually put Hero down after a struggle and hit the PK.  I really hope this happens again in NJPW. Chris Hero needs to be involved in a G1 Climax.

This was another excellent show, to end two great shows from Rev Pro. They never fail to deliver when they bring over NJPW talent and arguably produce better top to bottom cards than ROH do on their Global Wars events. Both these shows can be seen for one months subscription to and I highly recommend it.

Not a boxer but a pro wrestling fan. If there’s a ring I’ll watch it, so naturally I have a lot of opinions (complaints).