The Experience: Battle Club Pro – Fight Forever

So this year I’m going to be going to a bunch of new promotions, so rather than do a regular show review just talking about the matches, I figured i could add a little extra and talk about my visit as a whole for anyone thinking about maybe checking out any of these promotions. For now we’ll just this little series “The Experience” (who knows if it’ll stay named that, I’m a pretty indecisive person).

  For my first live show of the year I decided to head over to the Bronx and check out a fairly new promotion, Battle Club Pro. This was only their 2nd show actually. The BCP venue (The Point CDC) is pretty easy to get to. You take the 6 train to Hunts Point (yes Hunts Point. I know it’s history but it’s not that bad anymore. Honestly saw nothing suspect walking to or from the show) and its like a 4 minute walk to get to there. The Venue itself is a little smallish, but much like one of my favorite promotions in the UK, Fight Club Pro (no relation), it fits the underground vibe that they’re trying to give off perfectly. The only time it was really a problem was during intermission, it was a little hard to move around but luckily it was only about 10 minutes. A random major plus for this promotion is unlike others, they sell empanadas. It’s hard to beat live wrestling and Spanish food. Anyway, let’s get to matches.

Zachary Wentz Vs Facade Vs Myron Reed: Now admittedly I got to this show maybe a little under Halfway through this match but from what i saw it was a fun opener with a bunch of flips and stuff to get the crowd hype and set the tone for the rest of the show. Zachary Wentz is super talented for the short amount of time he’s been wrestling. He’s a pretty awesome high flyer already and i think in time he’ll develop into something special. Facade is usually pretty hit or miss with me but he definitely did well in this match. Reed is someone I’ve never heard of before this show and while he did do some cool things, I think I’m going to need to see him again for him to really catch my eye. Wentz got the win here

CPA Vs Caveman: So this was supposed to be somewhat of a comedy match and to be honest it didn’t really hit with me. Caveman is really fun but I don’t find myself giving any reaction to CPA and his Wall Street gimmick. All I can say is I look forward to seeing more Caveman at future shows I go to. This match got interrupted by Logan Black who was apparently left off the show because the New York Sports Commission finds him “too violent” and he declared he’ll continue to bring the violence until he’s put on a show.

OI4K (Dave Crist & Jake Crist) Vs Massage NV (Dorian Graves & VSK): This is where the show picked up. Massage NV are an extremely fun team to watch and what made it even better for me was seeing the reactions to them from people that have never seen them before, Not every day you get a tag team that uses massage techniques as offense. OI4K are on of those teams that everyone seems to know they’re great, yet they don’t get a ton of recognition. Both teams did really great here and put on a really good match. It was fun, yet hard hitting also. I’d definitely say it’s worth seeking out if you’re a fan of either of these teams and BCP puts it out to view. OI4K got the win here.

Rudeboy Riley Vs Matt Macintosh: Riley Vs Macintosh seems to be the hot feud in BCP, it’s only their second show and they already seem to absolutely loathe each others existence. I love it. This was a no DQ match so there was a lot of outside brawling (not in the crowd of course cause the NYSC are a bunch of geeks) and just general beating the shit out of each other. My kind of match, loved the intensity here. The match ended in a draw and neither of these guys were happy about that and just continued beating on each other until Macintosh eventually ran off into the back. Riley then cut a really good promo demanding another match in which Macintosh can pick the stipulation, he doesn’t care. BCP definitely made a good choice in making this their first official blood feud. I look forward to seeing more from Riley & Macintosh.

Craven Varro Vs Maxwell Jacob Feinstein Vs J George Vs Chris Payne Vs Mario Bokara Vs Mike Verna vs Marc Hauss, Battle Club Gauntlet: I’m gonna be honest with you, the only thing I truly remember about this match was that it was not good, nothing really worked for me here. The only person that truly stood out in my opinion was Feinstein, he can become a good heel at some point. I guess this gauntlet match is supposed to be a regular thing at BCP, but  I think the time that this takes up can easily be given to other matches so they could’ve been longer (I’ll talk about that in a bit). Varro got the win here and I only found myself being glad it was over.

Darius Carter (c) Vs Jordynne Grace, Tier1 Championship Match: At the moment BCP doesn’t have any championships, so they opt to have other promotion’s titles defended at their shows. I personally don’t mind this way of doing things, Beyond Wrestling does this and I think it’s great. Darius Carter is one of my favorite performers to watch, he’s a true heel and puts great emphasis on his in ring psychology. Say what you want about the man but he’s truly great at what he does. As I expected, Carter and Grace put on a nice match together. Their styles work together very well, while carter is more brains and Grace is more power, their base is basically the same, very technical. At one point everyone thought Jordynne got the win as the ref did count to three, but he didn’t notice that Carter’s foot was under the rope (ring awareness, another example of Carter’s intelligence). The match got restarted and Carter quickly picked up the win after to retain his Tier1 Championship.

Brute VanSlyke Vs Dan Maff: In my opinion every card needs a hoss match, and this was it. Dan Maff is someone I’m used to seeing strictly in tag team action as a part of Da Hit Squad, so it was nice to see what he can do in singles competition. Maff Vs Vanslyke wasn’t mind blowing, but it was a nice power display from both men and the match did it’s job for where it was in the card, so I can appreciate that. VanSlyke got the win here. After the match OI4K came out and attacked Maff saying that they’ve been wanting a match with Da Hit Squad for years and they demand to have it. This is definitely a good selling point for the next BCP show.

Dezmond Xavier Vs Shane Strickland: Remember how I was saying time could’ve gotten shaved off that gauntlet match and given to matches that needed more time? THIS IS IT. This was easily the best match of the night, but if it were able to be longer then i think it could’ve been something truly special. Short amount of time or not, Xavier and Strickland absolutely killed it here and made the trip from CT worth it. Hopefully there will be a way to be able to watch this match online at some point cause seriously, it was awesome. Xavier picked up the win here in a complete show stealer.

Drew Galloway Vs Anthony Bowens, WCPW Championship match: Drew Galloway is on a quest to make the WCPW Championship a world title and his first stop on that tour is Battle Club Pro against Anthony Bowens. Bowens is another person I’ve never heard of before this show and i gotta say i was pretty impressed with the way he kept up with a world class talent such as Galloway. The one gripe I had about this match was the action going backstage. As I said earlier the NYSC are a bunch of geeks so we the fans aren’t allowed to get up and see what’s happening when those kind of things happen. Telling me to wait for footage of the backstage brawl to hit social media doesn’t make me feel better about missing it in person. Other than that this match was a solid main event. Galloway picked up the win with two future shock DDTs to retain his title over Bowens.

All in all, Battle Club Pro has a lot of potential to grow into something special in the New York indie scene. This was only their 2nd show and while it wasn’t perfect (what show is honestly?), I had a hell of a lot of fun and probably do plan on making a return at some point, especially if OI4K Vs Da Hit Squad gets booked at the next show. So Thanks to the Folks at BCP for being hospitable and putting on a fun show. I look forward to seeing you again someday soon.